The good in everyone

Yesterday was a long day for me… but it was also an extraordinary day.

It started when I had to go to the immigration office to renew my passport. I was prepared to face long queue because I’ve heard stories that people started to queue as early as 5 AM – even when the office itself opened at 8. Unfortunately I woke up a little bit late and arrived there minutes before 8. Guess what registration number I got? 78. Really, people?!

Since I had nothing to choose, I waited patiently. At around 9 AM, it was already number 50ish’s turn. It’s not that bad, I thought. 20ish people to go. Then suddenly a man came and sat next to me. He asked what number I got, then after knowing that I got number 78, he offered his number, 60. He said his friend suddenly had to leave, so that number was unused. After accepting his number, I offered mine to a woman in front of me, who hold number 94. And she offered hers to another woman, who hold number 100ish. So, thanks to that man and his friend who didn’t show up, I got to save a little bit of time, and so did the two ladies 🙂

In the afternoon, when I was about to left from work, I found out that my car’s battery died and it did not want to start. Lucky I was still in the office, so I could call my friends for help. In the end, Pak Wawam, Taufiq, Kaka, and Disty helped me to get it fixed. Disty even accompanied me to my friend’s house!

I got home at around 10.30 PM, feeling so knackered. But as I lay down in my bed, resting before I sleep.. I can’t help but feeling so thankful. Big or small, I saw the good in everyone. From strangers to my best friends, they made my day and made it so extraordinary! So, thank you! I’m sure it will all come back to you one day 🙂

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