On moving.

Quick update : My family is moving to a new house!!!

This is major to us, since we are moving from the first house that my parents bought during their marriage. We wanted to stay, but the house seems to get bigger and bigger as the family become smaller and smaller… so we made a brave decision – move out to a smaller house!

Though the discussion to move has been around since 2 years ago, we never really market the house seriously. We did not put ads – only casually mentions it to several friends and relatives. But then early this year we were approached by a serious buyer, had some negotiations… and then sealed the deal.

Then came the house-searching part. Boy it was sooo hard to find the “it” house! Location, price, neighborhood, design… all those things to consider really got me (almost) insane! hahaha. Being the first born, mum sort of handed over the nitty gritty stuff to me. But, finally we found “the one” and will move there early next month. Will tell stories on the new house later after we have settled in 🙂

It is sad to leave the house that I grew up in. At the moment I’m still covered with excitement of the new place.. but I know that deep down I’m going to miss my old house so much, considering that’s the only house I know when growing up. I still can’t imagine how I would feel on moving out day…. wish me luck!!

2 thoughts on “On moving.”

  1. Pindah ke mana christa? I feel you.. 6 atau 7 taun yang lalu keluarga ku juga pindah rumah. rumah yang dari pertama mereka menikah. Tapi pindah nya emang sudah diharapkan banget sih karena neighborhood nya semakin ga beres di rumah lama.

    1. pindah ke jakarta pinggiran nih, alias tangerang selatan. hehehe sebentar lagi aku bakal jadi komuter karena kerjanya masih di jakarta. 🙂

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