I commute

Now that I’ve (temporarily) moved office to Sudirman area, I have to commute from my house in South Tangerang everyday. Distance – wise, it’s 19km from my house to the office, in which according to google map should take between 40minutes – 1hour travel time.

In reality, it takes me minimum 1,5hours everyday driving from home to work – even longer when traveling home from work. It is indeed exhausting to drive that long everyday when you obviously still have to give your 100% at the office. During my first days working here I actually did not have any energy left when I reached home on weekdays – around 9PM, and had to leave my house the next morning at 6 the latest.

Feeling knackered almost everyday, I spoke to my colleague and she told me about commuter line! This train system sounds like the perfect option for me. It would only take me 20 minutes from the nearest station from my house to the nearest station from my office.

BUT.. it takes me 20 minutes driving from my house to the train station, and then another 5 minutes with ojek to the office. So in total around 45 minutes. Is it the best option to commute though? Not really.. because there’s also the train drama. I don’t understand why they only have trains every 30 minutes in rush hours, they should have more. With that kind of schedule, the train gets sooo crowded, sometimes you can’t barely step booth feet in the ground!

This is how it looks like inside the train every day! - picture from www.tribunnews.com
This is how it looks like inside the train every day! – picture from http://www.tribunnews.com

See that picture? Yep, that’s my (and lots of other people’s)daily routine when taking the train. The train, simply put – is not the most convenient way to commute but we choose it because we have no better choice. I still drive sometimes, if i need to go somewhere after work. But if I did not have any plans, I’d just take the train and let my personal space be ripped off from me for 20 minutes during the train journey.

However, since it’s still holiday week in Indonesia and I’m not taking my leave, I’m getting the privilege of commuting comfortably! WOOHOOW! Just look at how I could still take this picture below during my usual commuting hours (I take the 7.30/8 AM train).. barely any crowd there!

commuter line
Now this is what happened yesterday..

Okay, okay.. I still did not manage to get a seat. Okay there are still few people standing. I was standing too. But hey, personal space were safe! I did not have to stand so close with other people! I even could take selfies on the train hahaha…

Yesterday’s train ride (and today’s, still) was so comfortable I almost cried tears of joy. Hahahaha. Though I’m very pessimist that this will last, I still hope that one day I can commute comfortably. Well, maybe not in Jakarta 😉

3 thoughts on “I commute”

  1. Sistem transportasi Jakarta emang menyedihkan di jam2 sibuk yaa…segitu sudah jauh lebih baik ketimbang beberapa tahun yang lalu. Aku kemarin juga naik commuter dari Jakarta – Depok – Jakarta, mungkin karena masih holiday season jadi nya sepi dan aku duduk. Kalau hari biasa ow ow ow…well, tahun depan aku juga akan jadi warga commuter kok Tachiii hehehehehe

    1. Aduh fit commuter line depok jakarta tuh katanya paling dahsyat dari yg lainnya.. Hehehehe. Btw taun depan ada apakah? Musti update cerita nih yaa 🙂

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