This Month’s Music – Shy Girls

I’m currently obsessed with Shy Girls – a Portland based band. Their first EP, “Timeshare” was actually out on 2013 but I just discovered them very recently. I’m no expert in classifying music genres, but from what I’ve read, they are classified as RnB-Soul-Smooth Jazz. Some are referring them to Sade, Prince, and The Weeknd… and I actually agree with the latter, plus I also think that their sounds kind of remind me of good old 90s slowjams tunes. Anyway, I think their music is perfect for lazy Sunday days, the ones you like to spend just chilling in your room. I’m actually listening to their Soundcloud as I write this so I guess it’s a nice companion for writing as well.

Here’s my favorite track of “Timeshare” EP – you can purchase them on iTunes.

And.. I also found out that they’re doing a rendition of Brandy’s Sittin Up in My Room, which I think is quite sexy 😉

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