One for the bestfriends

In my late twenties now, almost all my best friends are either married or getting married soon.With all the festivities, my group of friends like to host bridal shower and/or hen do for the ones getting married… and baby shower for the ones pregnant. Though it’s not a typical Indonesian custom, but we somehow managed to host such parties in different schemes, and they’re all fun!

Last weekend I went to both – hosted a baby shower for three pregnant ladies on Friday night AND went to a hen do (bachelorette party) for a friend who’s getting married next Saturday. With almost all my friends married now, I’m going to recall the kind of hen dos that we have done..

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The embarrassing early twenties hen do 

Looking back, I don’t know who first started this kind of tradition. In my early twenties, our kind of hen do was like this: we “kidnapped” the bride to be, put her on a crazy costume, gave her the ugliest make up and took her to shopping malls/ restaurants where she had to do some crazy stunts.. (took a photo with a stranger! pose in front of the security guard! dance in front of the mall’s lobby! things like that..hahaha). Please don’t let me do the same when it’s time for me to get married. Pretty pleaseee! :p

The all night long mid twenties hen do 

During my mid twenties, we somehow got tired of the crazy costumes and pranks and moved on to a more upbeat hen do, which involved a lot of dancing. The scheme was quite simple, we gathered the bride to be’s friends, chose a simple dress code for the guests (mostly black), gave the bride to be a tiara or sash or something that says she’s getting married, made her drunk and took her dancing all night to our favorite club.

The lovely late twenties hen do 

Nowadays when another best friend is getting married, we’d arrange a nice dinner in replacement of the crazy stunts and dancing. Though we’re no Preston Bailey, we’d prepared nice decoration with specific theme and find some cute games to be played before dinner time. We’d be bringing the bride to be some presents.. cute ones, kinky ones, all kinds. We’re basically showering her with tons of good luck before her big day.

Depending on the bride to be’s request and/or the number of bridesmaids, sometimes we even have both, we’d host the nice dinner AND go the club afterwards.. which is my favorite scheme! 😉

Have you been on a hen do yourself? or have you had a hen do for yourself? What was it like? 🙂

2 thoughts on “One for the bestfriends”

  1. I have been to a lot of bachelorette parties and now the time is over 🙂 Hmm, my own was also a sort of farewell party between my and my girlfriends. I left the country after I got married.

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