Super Steak

Hidden in a residential area in South Jakarta, lies a restaurant which sells nothing but steak, called Super Steak!

The restaurant is located in someone’s garage, it has nothing much to offer in terms of the place – no fancy interior, plush sofas, not even AC! It offers only basic tables and chairs, around 20 seating maximum. But, don’t be fooled by the minimal interior.. what they offer is, perhaps, one of the best steak I’ve tasted in town!

There’s nothing much written in the menu, no fancy names, no extravagant dish name – to order, simply pick your type of meat (Angus, Super black angus, or local prime) and pick your choice of flavor.. now about the flavor. They have 8 choices of flavor ranging from butter garlic to beerloin(!!!).

I went there my mum and brother, each of us ordered different flavors of steak. Mine was sirloin angus 200gr with lemon herbs flavor. My brother ordered the same sirloin but with lemon herbs part II flavor, pictured below. What’s with the part II? so.. while the original lemon herbs “only” has, well, like its name, lemon and herbs.. lemon and herbs part II has also olive oil and extra fresh herbs under the steak.. which makes it more flavorful and juicy! I personally think that lemon herbs part II is better than the lemon herbs.

Super Steak

Just look at the picture above.. that’s the lemon and herbs part II steak. Trust me it tastes as good as it looks! What I also like about Super Steak is the fries. Big, chunky fries, which looks like it’s freshly cut. Not the frozen fries that we often get when ordering steak nowadays.

I’m definitely coming back (still want to try the beerloin.. hehehe), and I think you should try it out (if you haven’t)!

Super Steak
Jl. Dempo 1 no 76 kebayoran baru
Phone 021 – 7236945

4 thoughts on “Super Steak”

    1. iyaah di jalan bumi deket klinik mata itu lho Di.. harganya agak lupa, yg pasti diatas 150rb 1 steak segede gitu sih, kalau ngga kuat makan banyak bisa banget berdua.. hehe

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