That (failed) movie date

Last week me and R realised that it’s been three years since we first got introduced to each other. We are going to have our 1st anniversary as a couple next month and since we’re feeling festive already.. we decided to celebrate this so-called anniversary of knowing each other by having a (virtual) movie date! Wooohoo.

Sounds really fun, right? I mean, though we are a LDR couple, we never really do things that other LDR couples seem to do. We (only) facetime and send messages (a lot), and we’re happy with it. Of course, he once sent me a bouquet of flowers.. and Valentine’s day gift.. and sweet things in between. I did, too. But never a movie date, or other activities like written in this article.

So we figured it’s about time that we do those kind of activities, just to have fun. We made the plan since mid-week, agreed on a time (his Friday night/my Saturday morning), and even agreed on a movie! I requested to watch a romantic comedy movie and he agreed. We chose “Say Anything” – a romcom classic.  He was going to watch it in Netflix while I’m going to buy the DVD. I cleared my schedule and he did too, so everything seems to be settled, until …

His family decided to visit him during that agreed time! Well, we had nothing else to do except to cancel and postpone our date. I totally understand and was not mad at all. Instead the movie date, we did have our usual facetime session before he left for dinner with his family. I was not too disappointed because I believe family comes first and we can always have our movie date other time. It’s just.. funny how this was going to be the one thing that we prepared and planned so carefully other than our annual visit yet it did not happen as planned. Oh well 🙂

We haven’t really talked about when we’re going to finally do it, perhaps sometime during our anniversary week next month.. or maybe later. 🙂

5 thoughts on “That (failed) movie date”

  1. Sometimes you just can’t win :p The worst is when you have plans and then Skype or your webcam or internet decide not to work lol That’s great you were understanding, I’m sure he appreciates that.

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