I’m listening to: Banks.

My current favorite artist is BANKS. She’s a 26 years old singer from Los Angeles. I usually don’t really listen to music like hers, sometimes I found it too “dark” and “slow” for my cheery preference. Some like to compare her with Lana Del Rey (which music I can’t really tolerate), and some to The Weeknd (which I agree, because I like his music!).. I also found out that she was on tour with The Weeknd last year right when I was in LA! Bummerr…

But, in this case, I really enjoy her music! I think it gives me a chill and tranquil feeling, and her voice is really pretty. The lyrics is deep though, don’t really want to put too much attention to avoid feeling blue, hehehe. Have a listen to some of her songs below :

Banks – Drowning

Banks – This is What it Feels Like

Banks – Waiting Game

Btw, I got the chance to watch her live last weekend at We The Fest 2014 and boy.. she was really pretty as well!

Banks live in Jakarta
Banks – Live at WTF’14 Jakarta

The show was great, I had a lot of fun. She performed magically and like her new upcoming album, Goddess-like.

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