I lost my phone

Last Friday I lost my cellphone. It was stolen from me during my lunch break, in which I spent in Plaza Semanggi, a nearby mall to my office. I was there with my colleagues and just finished our lunch when we visited a clothes shop close to it. The shop was crowded – a lot of ladies looking busy window shopping. I did not find anything I like but my friend wanted to try on a dress, so I wanted to browse my iPhone instead. I reached to my pocket and realized… it’s not there!! I got instantly panicked and went outside of the shop with my friend. Using her phone, she dialed my number but it’s already offline! That quick! I mean, I was only in the shop for around 5 minutes… 😦

And it happened. I lost my phone. When I got back to the office, I quickly went to iCloud.com and erased my iPhone. That way I hope whoever got it will not have access to my data… and when I managed to buy a new iPhone, I’ll be able to restore them.  I also have secured my number, went to Telkomsel’s office and quickly got a new SIM Card. So everything is kind of settled now, except that I still don’t have a new phone.

At the moment I’m using my mum’s spare phone.. it is a basic android phone – nothing fancy, but at least I can download whatsapp and skype app – two crucial apps for my long distance relationship! It’s sad that I lost my phone – These days I still search for it whenever I check my bag.. only to realize that I don’t have it anymore.

Anyway, being an avid iOs user – I find it a bit hard to adapt to android’s interface. I know some people prefer iOs and some prefer android for their smart phones. I surely think that I’m an iOs girl. I’m so used to its interface and the way it works… and surprisingly I find it very hard to switch to another operating system. What about you? iOs or Android?

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