What’s my age again?

Not long time ago I went tailing my mum to my dad’s high school reunion.  We met a lot of his friends, whom I never met again since he passed away – 7 years ago. It was fun and highly nostalgic as I kept thinking what would dad do if he was there.

Anyway… the reunion is not what I want to talk about. It’s the fact that I got asked “what semester are you in now? how’s your studies?” a lot, even 6 years after leaving college! Hahahaha. They all looked a bit surprised when I told them I have graduated long time ago and have been working for almost four years in my current company.

Though turning 30 is right around the corner, people often think I’m still in my early 20s. When being with my friends of the same age, I have to say that I look the youngest, well not only because of my face but the fact that I don’t wear make up. All of my best friends at work are actually 2-3 years younger than me, but our colleagues often think that I’m the same age. I’m not complaining or anything, it’s just funny, hehe.

To finish this story, here’s a recent (cropped) picture of myself, taken last month. Apologies for the picture quality – I had to crop this picture because I was unsure whether my friends in the photo next to me are okay if I published their faces 🙂


If you did not know my age, how old would you think I am?

10 thoughts on “What’s my age again?”

    1. hahaha itu kejadian juga pas aku di inggriiiss.. ke club bareng2 sama temen2 kuliah bule2 tinggi2 full make up, mahasiswa postgrad gitu kan yaa keliatan lebih mature dibanding anak2 undergrad.. eh akuuu doang lho yg dimintain ID card, udah Asia sendiri trus mukanya bocah sendiri hahahaha..

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