This Month’s Music – Rinni Wulandari : Oh Baby

Though being a self-proclaimed avid music enthusiast, I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of Indonesian Music mainstream scene. Sorry, but to me most Indonesian mainstream music comprise of the same thing ; cheesy-meaningless lyric, repeatable beats thus making it hard for me to find a likable artist these days.

Of course, the case was much different back in the days. I used to (and still are) a very big fan of Sheila on 7, Dewa 19, Gigi, Kahitna, and the likes. But these days.. I can’t really think of any. I like RAN, Maliq n D’essentials, SORE, Mocca, and others.. but are they mainstream? I think they are still considered as Indie music, no?

So I am very surprised and excited when I found out about Rinni Wulandari. She is an Indonesian Idol alumni which I just heard about. This is her latest single :

Please have a listen and tell me, if you did not know her before.. would you think the song was sung by an Indonesian artist? When I first heard of it, I thought it’s either Ashanti or Ariana Grande. Really! It somehow even reminds me of Mariah Carey back in the days.

Though the video clip is not the best that is out there and pop-RnB is not really my favorite kind of music, but I have to say, that I’m really proud, hopefully this song can go as mainstream as it can be and get worldwide recognition. It’s not that award winning, I agree… but still, a very good start for Indonesian mainstream artists. Finally, something different! 🙂

Update 05/11 – @DionMahenra mentioned me on Twitter and told me that there’s a new video for this single, also that this single has been featured in Hot Hits UK Week Commencing 27 October, together with Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj to name a few! Bravo!! watch the video here :

8 thoughts on “This Month’s Music – Rinni Wulandari : Oh Baby”

  1. Enjoyable though.. from Indonesian music nowadays only listen to Maliq, White Shoes, Endah n Rheza, Tompi. Can’t recall other musician that I listen to lately.. 😛

  2. iya, Rini kali ini lumayan asik, karena mungkin dia sudah sedikit ‘independent’ ketimbang sebelumnya hahaha (typical kejebak di industri musik indonesia, yg doyan banget ngeluarin lagu dramah) ahahahahaha. Udah pernah dengerin Banda Neira? Hmmm mirip2 Sore sih, tapi lumayan juga 😀

      1. Banda Neira indie Taa, kalo Rini enggak Indie sih, cuma setau aku dia ganti label dan manajemen (bukan under managemen idol lagi) makanya music nya agak sedikit beda yang kali ini hahaha Sotoy yaaah akuuh 😀

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