Perky Pedro – Comidas Y Bebidas

Until recently, Mexican food were not easy to find in Jakarta. Of course there’s Amigos – but it’s a bit pricey and has limited outlet. Nowadays, the situation has changed. You can find Mexican food almost everywhere, especially in food trucks around city centres of Jakarta. But, not all of them are good – I have to say that some of them are just joining the bandwagon, perhaps without understanding the idea of mexican food. Though Mexican food are not my favorite kind of food – I occasionally crave for burrito or quesadilla and got frustrated when one of the food trucks who claim to sell mexican food gave me beef quesadilla with shredded beef and cheese spread rather than diced beef and shredded cheese (!!!).

So, when I got the chance to try a newly opened Mexican food restaurant during my last visit to Bandung, I did not have high expectation towards it. Located in Jalan R.E. Martadinata (Riau) No. 128A, it is easily to find as it has a catchy neon signboard.

Perky Pedro
Perky Pedro!

When entering the restaurant, me and my family were greeted by the friendly waiter who directed us to our seats. Though they have both indoor and outdoor sitting area, we chose indoor sitting area. After we were seated and given the menu. The menu selection looks impressive. Jalapenos, Burrito, Quesadilla.. they have all the basic mexican food. And that’s about it. The don’t fall into nowadays hip restaurant trap where you have to serve dessert to be able to “fit in” neither do they serve nasi goreng to be able to fit into most Indonesians’ taste buds. One plus point for staying true to mexican food only. Before I start to talk about the food, have a look at these pictures of the restaurant’s ambiance…

Perky Pedro
Front door area
Perky Pedro
Indoor sitting area
Perky Pedro
Indoor sitting area
Perky Pedro
The bar
Perky Pedro
Outdoor sitting area

Now, do you agree with me if I gave it a second plus point for the ambiance and design? The restaurant has a quirky + vibrant design. It may not be the kind of restaurant for family gathering, but feel free to bring your parents or children there (note that they serve alcohol), to my observation, the indoor area is non-smoker friendly.

Okay, let’s talk about the food now. The four of us ordered different kinds of food. For starters, we ordered Jalapeno Poppers (IDR 27.000). This is surely not for me, as it’s very spicy. My mum could not handle it, I didn’t even want to try.. but my brother loved it!

Perky Pedro
Jalapeno Poppers

Next, the main course. We ordered Beef burritos (IDR 47.500), Beef quesadilla (IDR 32.000), and Ox tongue taco (IDR 48.000). All three dishes taste soooo goood! They are rich of flavor and has generous fillings. My brother even said that the burritos were the best he had ever tasted. Each dish came with cream cheese, guacamole, and salsa sauce, also tortilla chips. Yummm! Third plus point for the food.

Perky Pedro
Beef burritos
Perky Pedro
Beef quesadilla
Perky Pedro
Ox tongue taco

Although I came here with minimal expectation, I left Perky Pedro with satisfied tummy. Not to forget, it’s friendly for the wallet too – we spent less than IDR 400.000 for four persons.. so it’s less than IDR 100.000 per person. Not too sure about in Bandung – but in Jakarta, it is hard to go to a restaurant, eat good food, enjoy a nice ambiance, and pay less than IDR 100.000 per person. So for me, it’s another plus point! Definitely a must try if you are in Bandung and would love to try something different.

18 thoughts on “Perky Pedro – Comidas Y Bebidas”

      1. awal-awal aku sih ngerasa eak banget…sengaja nginep di hotel newton deket situ biar bisa makan nasi kalong malem2, eh lama-lama kok makin mahal aja harganya jadi ilfil dan overrated aja rasanya kalo cuma makanan rumahan gitu bisa ampe 50rb seporsi

      2. Wah mahal juga ya padahal tempatnya biasa bgt… Aku sukanya dulu makan nasi ceu mar tapi agak jauh ya di deket asia afrika gitu.. Itu juga enakk hehe jaman dulu sih murmer gatau ni skrg2 ini

    1. Waah kamu fasih bahasa Spanyol nya ya Em? Tau ngga dulu kata ortu aku lancarr bgttt krn kan masih kecil dan belajar di sekolah. Ehhh pulang Indonesia maluu katanya krn merasa “beda sendiri” dan jadi gamau ngmg Spanyol lagi alhasil skrg udh lupa.. Nyesel bgt. Padahal kan lumayan kalo bisa 3 bahasa..

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