I’m Listening to: Majid Jordan

I first knew Majid Jordan from Drake’s 2013 single – Hold On, We’re Going Home. At first I thought Majid Jordan was a person, but I was wrong. They are a record producing and performing duo from Canada – consist of Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman. Check out their soundcloud here.

Back then I tried to find their other songs but could not find any, but just last weekend I discovered their new EP called A Place Like This.

It has five songs and although I love them all, my favorite is “Forever”.Β  I think the songs are perfect for a laid back home session with your friends, perhaps with a bit of dancing.. or to accompany your night drive. But anyway, I this kind of music so I’ll probably be listening to this EP day and night for the time being… until I get bored and found new music, hehehehe.

Please have a listen and hope you’ll enjoy it too!

4 thoughts on “I’m Listening to: Majid Jordan”

  1. dari tadi aku dengerin satu per satu trus yang “all I do” kaya familiar banget eehh taunya ada di playlist ipod si Chicco hahahaha -__-“

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