Escape Hunt Jakarta

Have you ever heard of Escape Hunt Jakarta? Located in Kemang, South Jakarta – It’s an indoor detective game. Sounds cool, right? Basically you have to solve a case within a given time. There are 3 cases to be solved with different levels of difficulty. Last Saturday I went there with my friends and we chose to play the “murder in the bedroom” case, which has medium difficulty level.

When we first arrived, we were told to sit down in their “reception room”. There we can manage the payment and choose the type of case we want to solve, while enjoying a glass of water. After we decided, we were given a briefing by our “game master” as pictured below. He explained to us the rules of the game and how to play.

Briefing before the game started
Briefing before the game started

In this game, we were put into a locked room with a determined setting (we chose bedroom murder so our room has a bedroom setting) and full of clues. We had 60 minutes to crack the clues, find the murderer then find the key to open our room and escape. There was a phone inside the room in which we can use to call our game master and ask for help. Every call we made equals one minute deduction of our time. In the end, we managed to solve the case and get out of the room in 51-ish minutes.. with two help calls. Not bad for a first timer! :p

After we got out, each of us were given a cup of tea to channel our inner Sherlock while waiting for photograph time. They have sets of Sherlock-ish capes and some fun props we can use. We took lots of pictures but here’s one of them :

Playing Sherlock!
Playing Sherlock!

I had so much fun! Won’t tell you the details to avoid spoilers hehe, but it was not as easy as we thought – We got confused at some point and had to use the help phone, but in the end we were so relieved when we managed to escape. If you liked to play games and would like to do something different on the weekend, I would gladly recommend you to try this game… For sure I will be back to solve the other two cases!

Escape Hunt Jakarta
Address: Kemang Shophouse 2nd Floor (above Bank BNI, opposite KFC Kemang),
Jl. Kemang Raya 15, Jakarta Selatan 12730, Indonesia.
Phone: 021 7179 4600 or 021 9785 7828

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