Being in a long distance relationship requires extra efforts, one can’t deny. To me, one of the extra efforts I do is to give surprises for the boyfriend. Though it requires effort, I don’t find it a hassle though – simply because I am a planner! I love to plan, organise and arrange, and I also find happiness in knowing that the things I planned make other people happy.

With the help of internet, planning a surprise is even easier! I could easily google a local bakery in my boyfriend’s town which can do online order. I made the order and the payment online, and ta-da! a surprise “thinking of you” brownies was delivered to his office. Then there’s also birthday surprise. All were done with the help of internet, no hassle at all.

Anyway… yesterday I got a surprise! Yaaayyyyy! My boyfriend and his cousins successfully surprised me. I was not expecting something like this coming from him, because you know, he’s a guy and guys don’t normally plan surprises (right? hehehe). But, in the spirit of my birthday month, he decided to send me a dozen of cupcakes with a little note “it’s 21 days to your birthday“. I MELT. Really.


But, unlike me, he did not have to rely on internet as much (haha lucky him!), as he got family who live here. And since I know almost all of his family already, it was even easier. He asked his cousins to help him.. buy the cupcakes, and deliver them to my office. So I was very much surprised when I found them at my office just before lunch time, bringing my cupcakes! Afterwards we had lunch in the nearby mall. And then I had to get back to work with a dozen cupcakes to be shared with my colleagues šŸ™‚

So that’s how I was made surprised. Now speaking of surprises, do you like surprises? any memorable surprise that you’d like to share? Looking forward to hear your stories!~

16 thoughts on “Surprise!!!”

    1. Hehehe thank youu. Ooops sesama pria saling membela nih hehehe :p eh tapi ini dr yg reply kayak Nissa, Adhya, itu suami2 nya juga pada suka nge-surprise-in yaa.. Aku sebelum ktemu pacar sekarang sih ampir ga pernah disurprisein makanya blg gitu :p

  1. Wow what a sweet surprise!! šŸ™‚

    Honestly i dont like surprises, but Chicco loves to give me surprises. Mmhh one of my memorable surprise when chicco gave me a ring n propose me in a middle of my holiday in Sg šŸ™‚

  2. so sweet,,,everybody like surprises šŸ˜€
    aku juga pernah dapet surprise, waktu itu dilamar *kedip2 mata*, lamaran sementara karena orngnya masih jauh, dikirim seikat bunga mawar, boneka teddy bear pake love2 gitu trus secarik kertas yang isi tulisannya bikin meleleh

  3. Aww that’s so sweet! I especially love those ones with the hearts on top, so adorable! I also love surprising my man; the last surprise I gave him was showing up in England on his birthday. It was so hard to pull off cause I’m terrible with keeping secrets. I love when he sends me sweet things in the mail too. I’m always surprised when he does because you’re right, boys aren’t as into planning cute things as girls are. It’s always special when they do though šŸ™‚

    Happy early birthday!

    1. Those ones are Red Velvet.. and it tasted real good too! Oh I remember reading your blog post about your surprise, that’s very sweet as well and glad it turned out very well! My boyfriend does not give me surprise often, but when he does, it melts my heart.. it somehow makes the LDR easier for me šŸ™‚

      Thanks for the wishes! Happy holidays for you! šŸ™‚

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