2015 Resolutions: 1) Be Healthier!

I don’t usually do new year’s resolutions anymore (I used to have it every year but stopped around 2-3 years ago because I rarely accomplish them :p), but for next year I have decided to have a couple. Learning from past mistakes, they’re not going to be too ambitious and quite achievable. I’m going to share it in a couple of posts, but for now, the first resolution is to be healthier!

I am aware that 2014 has not been the best year for my health… I lost count of the times I got flu, sore throat or minor headaches. Earlier this year I had low back pain and had to stop my running routine, and when I finally recovered, I got warts on my right foot, had a surgery at the end of September to remove them and still not able to do heavy exercise until today. My body feels sluggish most of the time, I miss running and I miss feeling fit and healthy.

That being said, to be healthier in 2015 is a logical resolution for me. I believe it is achievable too, my post-surgery wounds have healed and I started to run (though not too far) again. I am planning to re-new my gym membership (which I have abandoned this year) too! Plus, I am participating in a healthy food catering for my daily lunch at the office.

So, the catering basically provides me with a weekly meal plan that includes no MSG, more veggies, less carbs and less oil. Most of the menu are baked, boiled, or pan-fried at the very least. I also got 500ml of infused water with every meal. I’ve finished the first week, the food were delicious and suited my liking so I’m planning to do this for the next 2 weeks before implementing a healthier diet on my own. The problem is… I’m such a meat eater! Though I don’t eat that much of carbs, my daily diet involves a lot of meat, especially beef. I rarely eat veggies (don’t judge! :D) and tend to snack a lot.

With this meal plan I’m forced to eat more veggies than meat and the infused water sort of makes me feel fuller so I don’t crave to snack in between meals. Sounds promising, but it’s just veryyyy hard to change diet. Last week I found myself cranky at some point because (I think) I did not get enough meat. Haha. Oh well, all in attempt to be healthier next year! Hopefully I can change my diet to a healthier one, and start feeling better.

So that’s my first resolution for next year. Will share the rest in the upcoming posts πŸ™‚ What about you, any resolutions for next year?

26 thoughts on “2015 Resolutions: 1) Be Healthier!”

  1. Semoga tahun depan dirimu makin sehat yaa dengan program2 yang sudah dicanangkan *ya ampuunn, bahasaku semacam Pak Lurah aja hahaha

    Aku ga punya resolusi muluk2 tahun depan. Lulus tes bahasa Belanda di Belanda, dapat kerja disana, sama mau uji nyali ikutan lomba2 lari disana *ngebayangin lari diantara kaki2 bule yang panjang hahaha

  2. I don’t use to make New Year resolutions, but I’m also working on my health. I need to build up some muscles to be able to carry around our little one who is growing so fast. So far, I’ve been doing some Yoga and Cardio workouts. I always feel refreshed afterwards and exercise is the only thing that helps me with exhaustion right now. I hardly eat meat (my naturopath advised me against it because my body is too acid) and I feel really great without it. I hope you’ll be healthier in 2015!

    1. Hmmm I still find it hard to not eat meat but hopefully I’m getting there, just need to be persistent in changing my diet. Thanks Ruth, hope your 2015 will be great!

  3. TACCHIIIII AKU KANGEEEEEEN (enggak santai gitu ngetiknyaa) hahahahhaa… ayoo lebih sehat lagi dan lari lagi (ini aku juga reminder buat diri sendiri). tahun depan, aku pengen lebih gak kuatiran, gak gampang emosian (hahahha) dan kemudian pindah rumah, mungkin punya teman hidup #eaaaaaaaaak haha.. :*

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