Weekend Recap and Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Hello everyone!

How’s your weekend so far?I hope you’re enjoying it! I know we’re all still feeling festive from Christmas, the holidays and year – end, right? 😉 I know I still am! After I spent Christmas day resting at home because I got sick, I magically felt a lot better on the following Friday (birthday miracle?hehe). I managed to go to work (it was an easy day at work since most of the people were on leave), and though my tummy still felt funny at times, I survived the day and spent the night resting again. I still did not do much on Saturday morning but felt a lot better and decided to go out with my family for late birthday celebration. Thankfully, I survived my first full meal after days! It tasted sooo good to be able to eat normal again after eating only porridge and boiled potato for days hahaha. And then afterwards we went to the movies to see Night at The Museum 3. The movie was funny, a good one to watch with family.

As for today, again I spent the morning resting and just chill at home. Then on the afternoon I met my friend Diza for coffee (finally a cuppa after days without!), talked about our lives, and now that she has left, I’m blogging this 🙂

Okay enough about my recap and on to the giveaway winner announcement! Yay!!

Thank you Yance, Diana, Dani, Hanilein, Dian, Ilse, and Fembi Rekrisna Grandea Putra for participating, I really appreciate your time to answer the questions 🙂 As I mentioned before, the winner will be randomly chosen and I used Microsoft Excel’s =Randbetween formula to do so. There are 7 people who participated, and I list them down based on order of participation. Yance who made the first comment is number one, and so on. Then the formula chose a random number from 1 to 7 and the chosen number is the winner! Yay! Here’s a screen shot :

Giveaway winners
And the winners are….


Yance for winning IDR 100.000 Zalora Indonesia Voucher!

Ilse and Diandiw for each winning 1 Postcard from Los Angeles!

Please email me to redeem your prizes 🙂

So that’s it! my first giveaway. It’s been a fun experience! I’m gonna go home now and enjoy the rest of Sunday, I hope you’re enjoying yours too! 🙂

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