The new year.

Hello everyone!

I guess it’s not too late to say, “Happy New Year!!!“, right? πŸ™‚
What did you do on new year’s eve? I went to my friend’s house with a small group of friends, only 8 of us (including her adorable toddler).Β It was a potluck party, she cooked the main course, a friend brought appetizer, another brought wine, and I brought martabak :D. We ate good food, we chatted, and oh, we also exchanged presents. It was a “Secret Santa” kind of thing. My secret Santa gave a weekender bag which I really love, so thank you secret Santa!

After eating, chatting, and exchanging presents, we basically just hung out until midnight. We made a toast soon after midnight and told each other our 2015 resolutions and wishes. I went home not long after and had to pass an invitation to go clubbing because I just did not have the energy anymore. Hahahaha.

How I welcomed my 2015

Although I wanted to go running on the morning of the 1st, the weather did not allow me to. It was raining in Jakarta so I stayed home with my family, just resting. We managed to go out for dinner later on and went to Plaza Senayan for a nice dinner at newly opened Applebee’s.

I had to work on the 2nd as I did not take any leave from the office, but I was not alone. SomeΒ of my friends at work were also there so we took extended lunch and had a nice “new year” meal. I spent Friday night at home watching dvd with my mum. We watched “If I stay“, an adaptation of the same titled novelΒ by Gayle Forman. The movie was alright, it’s a teen movie, but I enjoyed the soundtrack.

On Saturday I had a project meeting and then went to a friend’s birthday, again, at Plaza Senayan. Hehe. So that’s how I spent the first days of 2015. How did you spend yours?

Btw, Today is my blog’s anniversary! Yep this blog is turning 1 today! So young hahaha. But I’m thankful because of this blog, I got to be a part of the wonderful blogging community, meet interesting people from all around the world and got to know their stories. I’m thankful as it has opened up opportunities for me too, and I’m thankful because I got to share, which basically is the main reason I published this blog.

To end the post, I’d like to say heaps of thanks to each and everyone of you who have been reading, here’s wishing all of us a better, lovelier, happier, and healthier 2015! ❀

30 thoughts on “The new year.”

  1. Konsentrasiku membaca terdistrak foto makanan :D. Yummyy!!
    Selamat ulang tahun untuk blognya. Selamat tahun baru 2015. Semoga didekatkan dan diberikan kemudahan dengan apa yang didoakan dan direncanakan. Amin πŸ™‚

    1. Huehuehue ini Alhamdulilah awal tahun dipenuhi makanan enakkk… tapi agak gawat bagi berat badan hahaha.. musti rajin lari lagi πŸ˜‰
      Terima kasih yaa… amiiiinnn…. untukmu juga Den!:)

    1. And to you too! πŸ™‚ oh wow I didn’t know that Qatar don’t even celebrate new year.. What kind of holidays do they celebrate then? Only Islamic ones ya?

      1. Dulu kami sering makan, springroll kayak gitu, bikin sendiri juga. Isinya salad ijsberg, daun bawang, daun koriander, timun, ayam atau udang goreng gitu

  2. Selamat Tahun baru dearest :* semoga tahun ini bisa jalan-jalan lebih jauh dan hidup lebih sehat Amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin :*

  3. During my 25 years of life, I have never, once again, never.. celebrated new years with friends. Always with family. Hahaha. Not that I’m not grateful for it. I just don’t know how it feels to have “NYE party”. We go to church at Dec 31 on the evening, pray, gather with all my huge family before the clock hits 12, and pray again. Some years we even had a NYE fellowship. Halleluiah! The perks of coming from a religious family. Haha.

  4. Jakarta ada Applebee’s skrg??? *salah fokus* sedihnya yg di Spore malah tutup… Skrg Spore nggak punya Applebee’s lg, pdhal best ribs I’ve ever eaten!
    Anyway, happy new year dear!

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