The thing about.. Lipstick

I feel really funny writing this, really. Because I’m not a beauty blogger. Oh I don’t even use make up on a daily basis! But here I am finding myself writing a blog post about lipstick. Hahahaha. Okay, please bear with me for the kind of post that you might not see often in this blog! πŸ˜‰

So, as I mentioned before, I don’t use make up on a daily basis. I don’t even follow a sophisticated skincare routine. Every morning I wash my face using a facial wash, use a moisturizer/sunblock, put on some powder and lip balm. At night I wash my face again and that’s it. No eye brow pencil, no foundation, no primer, no toner, etc etc. The case is of course different when I go to parties, I’d put on more stuffs on my face, like eye liner and colorful lipstick. I don’t have many colors though, probably 2 or 3.

But I started to feel a liiiiiil bit of pressure when going out with my friends. Especially after work. Whenever we take pictures, I always see my face looks pale compared to my friends. Of course, they put on more make up than myself. I don’t want to put a lot of make up though, I know I won’t be comfortable. But I think I should do something, I don’t want to appear pale and worn out every time I go out after work.

Now, as 2015 is just around the corner, I have another resolution. That is, to use more lipstick. Hahahaha. Yep, I figure lipstick would solve my problem. It won’t be such effort and Hopefully can make my face more “lively”. Quite a plan, right? Hehehe. Now it’s just a matter of sticking to the plan.

Last week I took my mum shopping for lipstick. Unlike me, she looooves lipstick and probably have a 1000 of them (hahaha jk). She does not wear heavy make up though, in fact, she only wear moisturizer and lipstick on a daily basis. Not even face powder. But she has a lot of colors and even like to combine them, resulting in unique colors. We went to Metro Department Store in Gandaria City Mall and I saw NYX booth. I remember the brand is constantly being talked about by my friends and on Instagram.

We spent some time in the booth, mum ended up buying 2 lipsticks. I ended up buying one, this Butter Lipstick in shade “BLS17”. It’s a basic soft color, I was still afraid to take risks a.k.a choosing bold colors. For Rp.115.000, I think it’s a good value for money, perfect for my daily use.

The first NYX lipstick that I bought

At the office, I casually told the story to a friend of mine. Knowing that I bought a NYX lipstick, she suggested to try their Soft Matte Lip Cream as well. At first I was hesitant because I doubt the texture. But when I tried it on, I instantly fall in love…. and decided to buy two colors :p

My current addiction!

Now I find it a bit hard to review the product as I’m not used to reviewing make up. But I can list down the reasons of me liking this product so much.

First – the colors. Look at the vibrant pink! and juicy plum! I never thought those colors suit me but they turn out to be very nice on me.

Second – price. It’s only Rp.100.000! ($6 in the US last time I checked). Very much affordable and won’t give you buyer’s remorse if you happened to purchase more than 1 like me πŸ˜‰

Third – the texture. It lives up to the name, matte, but not heavy. I feel like wearing nothing at all, which is a good thing because I don’t like the “heavy make up” feeling.

Fourth – the durability. It lasts long. Really. I put in on once in the morning and I still got a teeny bit of pink shade even after lunch. Mind you I drink at least 2 bottles of water before lunch, and the colors stay.

I can’t wait to try on other colors but I think I gotta be wise on my spending budget, so probably 1 color per month will do :p

What about you, do you use lipstick on a daily basis?Β  Any recommendations for me? πŸ™‚

40 thoughts on “The thing about.. Lipstick”

    1. Enak ya butter lipstick ya, tapi ngga se-tahan lama yg matte itu. Ah iya nanti kalap nih bisa2.. Disana harganya jauh lebih murah drpd di Indo kan hehehe

  1. I use lipstick daily. Always put lip balm as base before lipstick/lipgloss. Matte and long lasting lipstick could dry out your lips because of its ingredients. Creamy, buttery lipstick is better imo.

    To keep your lipstick last longer, after you put it, pat tissue on your lips and reapply. And to prevent it from running out of lipline, use lipliner after putting the lipbalm and apply the lipstick with a lipbrush.

    That is what I learned from a make up artist years ago when I was a dancer. Have fun with colors Christa πŸ™‚

    1. Wah thanks a lot for the tips Lorraine! πŸ™‚
      I’ll try to use tissue tomorrow, but perhaps I need to learn to use lipliner first cause I never used any haha.. Newbie here! πŸ˜‰

  2. It’s almost on daily basis I was asked whether the lip color is right by my wife which for me I always love whatever her lip color is. :))

    1. Hehe that’s sweet! but can you actually tell the diff? My boyfriend can’t, he thinks all lipsticks are the same.. Yet he’s not colorblind hahaha..

      1. Wahh bravoo! Hehehehe i guess thats the diff between married and still dating, when married u become so familiar with your spouse even u know the colors and shades! :))))))

  3. Hi Christa, i always use simple make up to office or going somewhere. Sunblock (only sometimes using face powder), eyeliner (sometimes with simple eye shadow) and lipstick with nude or pink color. I have some lipstick from PAC, Maybelinne, bodyshop, the face shop (and my fav one is still PAC) If i could give you a suggestion, you may use eyeliner. You will instantly have light make-up, but it can shapes your eyes very well and will make you look pretty good as well. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Puji!
      Oh no one ever recommended PAC to me before, perhaps I’ll check it out πŸ™‚ thanks for the suggestion btw, I tried to use eyeliner on a daily basis but failed because it never lasts long and gave me panda eyes after I took wudhu. Maybe I didn’t use a good one though.. Can you recommend me a good eyeliner as well? Hihi

      1. Ya you’re welcome πŸ˜€ first thing when buy eyeliner you have to make sure that eyeliner is waterproof. I used inez and mizui (they’re still there even after i take my wudhu :)) i tried wardah pencil eyeliner once but it won’t long last and “bleber” even the SPG told me that it is waterproof 😦

      2. Yess the one that I bought was waterproof too but it still happened! Maybe i’ll try to check inez and mizui hehe thankss πŸ™‚

  4. Christa…aku juga kemarin baru ngecek-ngecek si NYX ini dan ngefans banget sama lipstick soft mate. Lalu kemarin galau mau beli yang soft mate dulu atau lip butter πŸ˜†

  5. I am actually not a big lipstick person. I use it if am going out for dinner or party. During the day normally just lipbalm. But lately, occasionally I put on lippie during the day too if I go out. Rimmel has similar like this NYX in crayon form and I love it! It’s moist and the colors just make you want to buy them all. Affordable price too. MAC and NARS lipticks are also suit me while Lancome will makey lips very dry.

    1. Hmmm I’m tempted to try Rimmel now, have been using their powder as a substitute to MAC because the price keeps incresing here in Jakarta, doesn’t makes sense anymore. So far I’m loving it, so I’ll try their lipstick too, thanks for the recommendation! πŸ™‚

  6. Ah, sama banget ini ceritanya Christa, gw juga mulai pake lipstick walau kerja di hutan, tapi tipis2 aja, terus daily basis make up juga sama pake bingit, sunblock (karna kerja di tambang) – bedak (biar gak berminyak banget) – lipstic tipis. *aku tak sendiri buat alesan pake bedak dan lipstick*

  7. Kamu percaya gak, aku make lipstik merah kalo di kapal di tengah2 lauut, terus snorkeling, terus kalo lipstiknya ilang pake lagii,…super gak penting! hahahhaha pokoknya pas travelling wajib make lipstik, walaupun tinggalnya di pulau dan gak tahu mau ngeceng ama siapa. Sekarang, di kantor tiap hari wajib make lipstik di 2015 (bisa2nya cewe2 di sini aja sih) hahahahha
    Aku pake NYX dan Maybelline hohoho, sharing aja, kalo malem mau tidur, coba pake lip balm or pelembab bibir, biar makin enak pake lipstiknya hahahahaha

  8. I didn’t want to pop up our balloons, but I kinda disappointed with Nyx. I used to love Nyx and I bought so many Nyx stuffs : you name it. First of course because nyx is cheap and second I read so many good review from online.
    As a user, I feel the only good about Nyx is their eye shadows. Mascara was only okay, lipsticks are terrible! Nyx’s lipstick, even though I love their colors, made my lips dry. 😦
    But since this is the beginning of your lipstick journey you can buy nyx to know what kind of colors you’re into. I found that some colors match some people better. When u’ve found your color, my suggestion is to invest in lipstick like Tarte and Mac. Those two are the best! πŸ™‚ long lasting and moisturizing πŸ™‚

    1. Ahh.. I see. Well since I always put lipbalm first before putting on any lipstick so it helps to avoid my lips from getting dry.. Hopefully it stays this way! I know Mac but never heard of Tarte.. Will have a look! Thank youu πŸ™‚

  9. Mbak Christa, aku baru2 ini beli NYX juga. Sampe tiga warna loh. Yang namanya cewe emang ga pernah abis alesan buat beli lipstik, hahaha. Aku beli yg soft matte lip cream itu. Udah baunya enak, teksturnya juga ringan, aku ga berasa pake lipstik!

      1. Beli Cannes, Sao Paolo, sama Ibiza. Yg Ibiza warnanya ngejreng banget di aku. sempet ngga pede tp kata orang2 malah bagus, padahal aku kira mukaku jd kusam pake warna itu…

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