Work, Eat and Play at Typology

Located conveniently in Jalan Wijaya 1, Jakarta SelatanTypology offers you not only a place to eat but also to work and have fun. This restaurant is considerably new, just opened mid 2014. I was there at the end of last year to meet with some friends, so this post is a bit overdue šŸ˜‰

When I first got there, I was greeted by this long table which I’m going to call the meeting table. This area is perfect for having discussions, from silly discussions to discussing holiday itinerary to start up meeting.

Meeting table
Meeting table

Then there’s also the bar area with some tables if you prefer to be with smaller group.

The Bar
The Bar

My choice that day was the comfy sofa, where I spent the afternoon having lunch with my friends and followed by working some articles for the blog.

Comfy Sofa - My workstation that day
Comfy Sofa – My workstation that day

Now, let’s talk about the food! What do they serve? Well, they basically serve all kinds of comfort food, the easy one, nothing too fancy (but tastes good, of course!). They have a wide range of food, from the appetiser, snacks, until main course to satisfy your tummy. What did I order that time? Beef Tongue Rice with Teriyaki sauce. I’d prefer to not have the tomato sauce but it still tasted reaalllyy good. You know how Beef Tongue is sort of the trend in town and a lot of restaurants are serving it, but some don’t actually know how to serve proper Beef Tongue? No worries, Typology is the opposite. The dish may look simple but not the taste šŸ™‚
For you sweet tooth out there, Typology also have a selection of desserts and drinks, all non – alcoholic. Rumor has it I have to try their Oreo and Beng – Beng Smoothies. Definitely will come back for that!

The food! Beef Tongue Rice
The food! Beef Tongue Rice

Oh btw, they have free high speed wi-fi and electrical sockets can be easily found in between tables. No need to worry if your gadgets need to be charged. Now I’m gonna close my short review with an inspiring mural on the wall I found there, nice isn’t it?

Inspiring mural on the wall
Inspiring mural on the wall

Typology Jakarta
Jl. Wijaya 1 No. 5C
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12170
021 – 29126149
Instagram : @TypologyJkt

15 thoughts on “Work, Eat and Play at Typology”

    1. Iyaa Zilko, untungnya di Typology ini makanannya enak beneran nggak cuma bentuk yang menarik. Di Jakarta tuh banyak restoran yg bentuk nya menarik tapi rasanya biasa aja.. šŸ˜

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