Jane the Virgin

I’m currently hooked to this TV Series called “Jane the Virgin“. It’s an American TV series, adapted from a Venezuelan telenovela called Juana la Virgen.  The story revolves around Jane, a young and religious woman based in Miami, who made a promise to her grandma that she will stay virgin until she gets married. She has a steady boyfriend, a job and is working to finish her teaching degree so everything seems perfectly mapped out. But of course there’s no telenovela without drama… and the drama starts when she was mistakenly inseminated with another man’s sperm – resulting her being a pregnant virgin!

Do you find the storyline interesting already? Hehehe. Well I’m a big fan of romantic comedy and all things drama thus I found this TV series very interesting. I got hooked right after watching the first episode! It’s very funny and it has surprising plot which according to my mum is typical telenovela! Hahahaha. Well I don’t normally watched telenovela but I believe her because she used to be a telenovela translator after we got back from Venezuela and believe me, she has watched a looooot of them.

I’m following the series week by week now and I just finished watching the latest episode “Chapter 10” last night. Boy does the plot gets more and more interesting. Still with a funny touch, of course! Oh, and did you know that Gina Rodriguez (who is playing Jane) recently won Golden Globe for Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy? Woohooo!

Okay so before I finished this post, have a look at the trailer and see if you think you’d like this TV series as well.

Btw, do you watch TV series? what are you currently following?

24 thoughts on “Jane the Virgin”

    1. Scandal tadinya ngikutin.. tapi lama lama bosennn soalnya jadi belibet amat ceritanya huehueheue.. Betull, siapa yg bakal bosen nonton Friends ya 😀

      1. Ehhhh aku salah nangkep itu pas bales komen kepikirannya Revenge bukan Scandal hahaha.. Kalo Scandal blm pernah nonton, on the list nih katanya seru yaa

      2. Haha. Aku malahan Revenge ga ikutin. Revenge si Emily kan? 😁 kalo suka cerita yg penuh skandal harusnya suka Scandal hihi

  1. Hahahah this is so sad! I mean, for Jane. I’d never heard about it but the story line seems to be interesting. I usually watch Hawaii 5-0, The big Bang Theory and I just started watching Nanny (Yes, that old tv show). ^^

      1. Me too! Somehow my mom started to re-watch it with my lil sister. Yesterday I found a new TV show called: switched at birth. It’s my new fav show now (:

  2. huahahahaa Jane the V :))

    aku lg nonton Orange is the new black, baru selesai Marco Polo…yg kocak2 paling Modern Family dan The Middle 🙂
    O ya, Mistresses juga deng, tp baru season 1, telat nonton :))

    1. Modern Family dulu ngikutin, sekarang udah ketinggalan jauh.. udah gede ya Lily nya hehehe. Lucu tuhhh 🙂

      Pacarku juga nonton Marco Polo, cuma aku kalo TV series sukanya yg lucu lucu aja karena nonton nya lebih sering di hp, in between kegiatan hehehe

      Nahh kalo Mistresses mamaku yang suka nonton di rumah.. ada di tv kabel tapi telat juga kayaknya hehe :)))

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