All you can eat Korean BBQ at KogiKogi

Being an avid Korean BBQ lover, I am often disappointed by the fact that there are not many Korean BBQ restaurants in Jakarta that offer all you can eat. I know there are some good ones, in fact, Senopati area in South Jakarta is widely known for its Korean restaurants scene. But, I’ve never heard of one which serves all you can eat.

That’s why I’m very much excited when my Google quest lead me to this restaurant which opened mid 2014 – KogiKogi. It is conveniently located in Senopati area, so I quickly made the decision to take my family there for year end lunch last year.

Kogi - Kogi

Because I was too focused on the all you can eat menu, I did not really pay attention to the other menu. Their all you can eat offerings is simple – Weekdays Lunch is IDR 99.000 (++) while Dinner & Weekend is IDR 199.000 (++) per person. The weekend price also includes a plate of Wagyu meat. I did not really check the Wagyu grade but they were delicious enough for me! Yummm!

As an all you can eat restaurant, I have to admit that they don’t offer much variety from the bar. But I think that’s a plus since the guests can focus on one thing – THE MEAT. Hahaha. Yeap, if you are a meat eater and aiming for quantity, I can assure you that you will be very satisfied when coming here.

All You Can Eat Bar
All You Can Eat Bar
All You Can Eat Bar
All You Can Eat Bar
All You Can Eat Bar
All You Can Eat Bar
All You Can Eat Bar
All You Can Eat Bar

Now what about the quality? I find it good to my standards. I mean I’ve had better tasted meat, but this one is really not bad at all šŸ™‚

Meat Fiesta!
Meat Fiesta!

So yeah, if you’re craving for meat and would like to have a meat party, this restaurant is truly for you! do come with your fellow meat eaters and you’ll have a happy tummy, for sure.

KogiKogi Korean BBQ
Jl.Wolter Monginsidi 85 Jakarta
(021) 726-4999

25 thoughts on “All you can eat Korean BBQ at KogiKogi”

    1. Oh nggak banyak ya resto Korea disana, disini juga kayaknya baru rada menjamur beberapa tahun kebelakang deh.. Barengan sama menjamurnya resto hip di daerah Senopati/Kebayoran hehe

  1. Untung saya bukan meat lover. Hahaha. Nice review Christa.

    Btw. Ada aplikasi baru. Resto Korea di Indonesia, Jakarta termasuk tentu, ada di aplikasi ini. Saya ada review di blog. Judulnya Cari Makanan Korea Jadi Mudah.

      1. Seeep. Jangan lupa komen ya. Kasih info ke temen yang suka Korean food juga kalau bisa. link post saya *tetep promo*

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