Meet Candy, not your average girl.

Let me tell you about a girl named Candy. That’s not her real name though, but she does not want you to know that… so let’s keep this between us. Candy is in her early 20s. Maybe late. We don’t know her exact age, because she does not like birthdays. But one thing for sure, she looks young and vibrant.

Candy is preparing for her Hollywood round. Wait, what? Yep, you read it right. She just got a golden ticket from an American Idol audition in San Francisco and she is going to Hollywood! You see, Candy loves to sing, in private though. As an Asian-American, she has spent her life trying to make her parents proud. She maintained good grades since she was little, and sheΒ  even graduated from Stanford, with a degree in Computer Science. Her parents could not be more proud of her!

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But, as they think Candy is away, building her career in Silicon Valley… she is not. In fact she’s been working as background singer from gig to gig in Los Angeles, and at the same time working on her own music. She’s been doing it for almost two years now, and finally she got the courage to audition for American Idol, in hope to make her dreams come true.

Now Candy is in a crossroad. She really, really wants this and is thrilled for the opportunities that may arise. But, she has yet to tell her parents about the whole thing and she thinks it’s not going to be smooth….

Candy’s story is, of course, fictional. She’s living a double life, having what is known to be called “Alter Ego”. I’m writing this as my entry for this week’s English Friday challenge by Blog English
Club. Read my other entries here, and I hope you enjoy them all! πŸ™‚

P.S: Would you think that Candy, by any chance, might be my alter ego? :p

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