I’m listening to: Hozier

Hozier – an Irish singer/songwriter is one of the artists that will perform on Coachella. Since I am going (YAY!), I’ve been doing some research on the artists that will perform on the 3 days weekend festival.

To be honest all I knew about Hozier prior to my research was “Take Me To Church” song, which I am indifferent about. I think it’s just alright, but it’s been overly played on the radio. Now if you saw this year’s Grammy, there’s a big chance that you are familiar with this particular performance:

The performance has been widely discussed since it involves THE Annie Lennox! I thought her performance is stellar but since I don’t really like the song… it’s not my favorite performance of the Grammys. This performance is (because I got chills watching it!):

Anyway, back to Hozier. Last weekend I decided to do more research about his songs. I was rather surprised when I heard his other songs, which I think are different than “Take Me to Church”.

Let’s have a listen to this one, called “To be Alone”.

The song started with minimal sounds of guitar and drums. Well, the song is minimal in a way, but as it is powered with his soulful singing, it has a very soulful and bluesy (is that even a word?) feeling. The lyrics uses simple words, nothing too fancy, but crafted beautifully.

And now my favorite song so far, called “Cherry Wine”.

This is a sad song, actually. I’m not sure if it’s about an abusive relationship or about one-sided love. But the song is beautiful! I can imagine a slow dance happening to the melody šŸ™‚

To sum up my research, I fell in love with Hozier’s other songs and his voice is JUST AMAZING. Definitely going to see him on Coachella! He’s playing Saturday though, hopefully not at the same time with Belle and Sebastian.. šŸ˜€

16 thoughts on “I’m listening to: Hozier”

      1. Line up nya blm keluar semua sih,so far yg aku inget, Sam Smith, Florence & the Machine, Lenny K, Foo fighters, prodigy, chemicle brothers, pharel williams, ben howards, ets
        Biasanya bintang2nya itu2 jg ya kl summer festival, muter gt mereka:))

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