BEC – Postcard from Santa Monica

This week’s English Friday challenge is to “Snap and tell a story“. The rules are simple; post a picture taken outdoors with a little story of the place where it was taken and why the particular picture was chosen for this challenge, all no more than 800 words. Got it! 😀

This picture was taken at Santa Monica Pier almost two years ago – September 2013 during my US Trip.

Taken from the Ferris wheel
Santa Monica Beach

Quite a view, isn’t it? 🙂

I took the picture during a ferris wheel ride with my boyfriend. It was a sunny day and we’re enjoying the day around Los Angeles. Before the sun sets, we decided to go to Santa Monica Pier for a little sightseeing. While we were there, I saw the famous Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel and wanted to ride it, so we did. The scenery was beautiful, we were enjoying the moment, all good. Now here’s an interesting fact : My boyfriend is afraid of heights. But that did not stop him from riding the ferris wheel with me!

It was indeed, one of those moments that made you feel loved <3. And for that reason I chose to share this picture in this week’s English Friday challenge.

Ah, really excited that we will be reunited soon… I hope everything will go smoothly! Have a great weekend full of love, friends! 🙂

21 thoughts on “BEC – Postcard from Santa Monica”

  1. So sweet Christa. He really loves you. As a fear of heights also, I know his feeling. And beautiful shot also. Hopefully I can go there someday.

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