Work was so – so. I can’t remember what I did but I’m pretty sure I did something, haha. I  mean I arrived on time, finished my tasks and left on time as well.. so it was alright. What made Friday special was the time spent with friends after work.

Guess who? 😉

If you have been active in the Indonesian blogging scene, you might notice those happy faces in the picture, no? 😉 Yep, last Friday night I met with my blogger friends. We met because Shinta who is living in Germany is visiting Jakarta. She then organised the meeting so we could meet with fellow bloggers. Plus, I recently won a giveaway challenge on her blog so she could gave me the gifts as well. Apart from Shinta, I also met Mey, Dani, Angela, Jenita (and his brother whom I forgot the name! Sorry Jen!). Though I could not stay long but I had a great time meeting all of them. Should do it more often with more/different people! Oh btw.. can you guess who is who, in the picture? 🙂

Gift from Germany
Gifts from Germany, thank you Shinta!

After meeting them, I went to the opening night of Ling Ling Jakarta – a newly opened Modern Chinese Restaurant in Kuningan area. I will write about it on a separate post.


My Saturday started with a cosy Facetime call with the boyfriend, as usual. Then I went to Ketjil Kitchen Restaurant in Gandaria to meet with my high school besties. It was a happy meeting because two of my friends brought their babies and they were too cute! I am a happy auntie!

Afterwards, since I had some time to kill, I spent some me – time in Woodpecker Coffee, sipping flat white and munching on their banana nutella muffin (diet? what diet? haha). Then I met with my mum and cousin – we went to Rarampa Restaurant to attend a Manadonese birthday gathering (I have Manadonese blood from Mum’s side – just in case you’re wondering.. hehe). Of course in every Manadonese gathering (at least in my family), there must be a live music plus poco – poco dance session, so I danced poco-poco all night long. Hahaha kidding, not all night long, but I surely aced that dance! :p

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Doing the poco poco dance! 😀


I planned to spend the day at home but I somehow felt the urge to go out and drive, so I did. I had no specific place to go though, so at first I was just driving around my neighborhood. There was no traffic at all and when I realised, I was already in Fatmawati area. It was around 12 PM at that time and I started to feel hungry, so I made a stop at the first restaurant that I found.

It was Mars Kitchen – a recent addition to Jakarta’s healthy food scene owned by chef Rinrin Marinka (you might notice her on TV…).

Mars Kitchen
Mars Kitchen

I love the place! I had curry rice, cold pressed juice, and gluten free chocolate cake. Food was delicious and the place is so cosy! I felt like buying all the cakes/cupcakes but too bad they currently do not accept debit/credit cards payment and I had limited cash.. so..

After having my lunch there, I drove again – this time to Kemang area. I always love going to Kemang on Sundays so I just drove around the area. Oh, I managed to stop at Goni Coffee to buy iced latte because it was soooo hot today!

I spent the rest of the afternoon at home, just resting and watching tons of Youtube videos hahaha. And now –  9 PM in Jakarta, I’m writing this blog post while listening to NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert playlist:

It has been an eventful weekend for me, indeed. Yay! What about you, how did you spend your weekend? Hope you enjoyed it!


40 thoughts on “Fri-Sat-Sun.”

  1. christaa.. sayang bngt yahh cuman bentar dong kemarin.. *gara2 gw dateng telat* ahahaha..
    stanley nama dd gw. ahahha.. nice meeting youu last week! kapan2 lagi yahh.. hehe..

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