EF – Indonesian food

After missing last week’s English Friday challenge because I was away… This week I am back participating! Though a little late (am posting this on Saturday, not Friday as usual), Here’s my answer to the question: “what’s your favorite Indonesian food?”

At first I was going to write about Sop Buntut. Translated literally – Oxtail Soup. That’s what came to mind the first time I think about favorite Indonesian food. Then I thought about Soto. I also love almost all kinds of this Indonesian kind of Soup. Soto Betawi, Soto Ayam, Soto Bandung, Soto Padang. Ohhh no, I can’t resist them!

See, it’s a bit hard for me to choose a favorite, yet I haven’t even talked about other kinds of Indonesian food. Then I thought about comfort food instead. Oh this one’s easy. So I decided to write about it.

My comfort Indonesian food is Indomie. Yap. I don’t actually eat Indomie that often but when I do it instantly cures my bad mood or accute hunger.

My favorite flavor is Soto Mie flavor (obviously, haha), and it hasn’t changed since forever, even though they are now doing lots of innovation by introducing different kinds of flavors. But I like it classic, Indomie Soto Mie.


Image from:http://m.okezone.com/read/2010/07/13/378/352550/tumis-pedas-indomie-soto


Although the picture above shows a fully garnished serving of Indomie Soto Mie, I like it simple – I can eat it without any garnish and I don’t need to have toppings. Just the noodle, that’s it.

So that’s my favorite Indonesian comfort food. What’s yours? Btw, still related to Indomie – have you seen this video? (better viewed with full tummy, or else! :p)


34 thoughts on “EF – Indonesian food”

      1. Iya di sini lumayang gampang untuk dapetin bahan2 Indo. Orang2 di sini familiar banget sama Indonesia unlike di Amrik. Some malah kayaknya gak pernah tau ada negara namanya Indonesia hahahaha

      2. Yaa lebih mahal-lah Yan krn ongkos dll juga kan. Sebagai contoh kemarin aku belu emping manis pedes kantong kecil yg kayak ukuran kamtong snack di Indo di swalayan gt lhooo harganya $3.5 dollar pdhl aku rasa di Indo paling dijual 15rb. Tapi yg ini sih berlebihan. Kemarin dia lagi special blue band harganya cuman 49 cent heheheh yaa ada yg lebih mahal ada yg sama. Pocky sih jauh lebih murah Yan di sini.

      3. Oooohh jadi yg banyak di Indo tuh buatan Thailand.. Bagiku itu aja udh enak apalagi rasain yg Jepang yahh (belum pernah) hehehe nimbrung :p

      4. Iya..klo yg buatan Jepang refined rasanya. Klo iseng2 mau coba main aja ke swalayan Jpg di Jakarta, mereka pada jual kok ☺️

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