My newly found love – Indian Food.

Before going to India, I was not much of a fan of Indian food. Even my knowledge of it was limited to Chicken Tikka Masala. 

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On my first night in Mumbai, my friends took me out to a restaurant. Indian food, of course. But hey, surprisingly enough I saw so many Chinese food restaurants when I was in Mumbai! But that’s another story. Anyway back to my first night in Mumbai…

We went to a restaurant called “Goa Portugesa” not far from our Hotel. Though the menu was written in English, but there are a lot of phrases that in local language that I did not understand. Feeling rather confused, I asked to my friend “do they have Chicken Tikka Masala?” and my friends laughed. “There is no such thing as Chicken Tikka Masala, Christa. Tikka means meat, usually in BBQ form. Masala means spices. The dish is just a popular British-Indian dish”. Ooops, okay. So much for my Indian food knowledge. Hahahaha.

My friends ended up ordering all the food for me and my other non-Indian friend. All they did was ask us: “Chicken?” “Cheese?” “Grilled?” “Soup?” and the ultimate question: “Spicy?” which would then be answered with an ultimate answer “Not spicy!!!” :p. So I actually did not know the name of the food that we ordered. I asked, but could not pronounce it back. All I know was the food were delicious! And that’s how my love for Indian food started, and part of the reason why I want to come back to India again.

To think of it again, food plays an important part of one’s travel experience, don’t you agree? We travel to see different culture and one of the easiest way to immerse in a foreign culture is by trying local food. However, choosing what to eat can be confusing sometimes, especially when you don’t speak the local language. Luckily we live in internet era! The problem can be solved pretty easily, such as.. finding restaurants that use translation software. Of course, you can always ask a local, but what if you can’t find any who can speak your language?

However, don’t make my mistake – try to write down the food that you like so that you can order it again in the future. Because I enjoyed the food too much while I was in India, I forgot to take a lot of pictures and take notes. All I can remember now is Chapati, Daal, Dosa, and Aamras. The latter, my friends, IS heavenly! ❤

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Have a good Monday, any recommendation of a good Indian restaurant in Jakarta? 😀

19 thoughts on “My newly found love – Indian Food.”

  1. Ta, nyobain gobi parata nggak? Kalo gw ke india nanti pengen banget makan itu, hehe pengen tau banget india dengan mata kepala sendiri, nggak cuma dari film-film india yang sering gw tonton itu hehehe 😀

  2. Kalok di Medan aku tau sih, ada di daerah Kampung Keling.. Pernah makan bayam campur kejunya yang rasanya bener-bener berbumbu.. Huahahahaaaa.. 😀 Kayaknya aku kurang cocok deh 😛

    1. Oyaa kalo kapan2 ke Medan ajak kesitu yaaa hehehe.. 😀 oh tapi emang kayaknya ga semua cocok sih soalnya rasanya tajem banget ya kan…

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