The night before

The very night before something is always exciting, don’t you think?

Night before Christmas, some say. Or what about night before New Year? Okay let’s be more specific.. Night before first day at work? A big presentation? A competition?Β 

I always get excited on the night before. Sometimes even too excited until I feel nervous. Have I done this? Did I missed something? Will everything be OK tomorrow?

Like what I’m feeling at the moment. At the night before my trip to the US. I can’t believe this is happening!!!

I’ve just finished packing – well I’ve started choosing the clothes that I’m going to wear there last week (isn’t it the most important thing? Hahaha), but I finally finished organising everything in my suitcases tonight. I know I’m supposed to be sleeping because I still have work tomorrow morning – my flight will be later at night. But why can’t I fall asleep?

I’ve turned off the lights, in hope that I’ll get sleepy and fall asleep soon but after ~30 minutes of staring into darkness just thinking about anything (and not sleeping!) I decided to reach my phone and write this blog post.

Oh well, I guess this does the trick. My eyes are starting to get tired.. Just about time, it’s almost 1AM in Jakarta anyway. So, wish me luck for the trip tomorrow, will you? πŸ™‚

California, here I come! ❀

46 thoughts on “The night before”

  1. have a safe trip ya christa,,mudah2 an lancar sampe tiba di tempat tujuan dan bisa bertemu sang kekasih, ikutan seneng deh *kok jadi saya yang girang sih*

  2. Woohooo have fun n be safe Christa!

    Aku slalu susah tidur klo mo travelling hihihi kya anak kcl mo darmawisata sekolah πŸ˜‹

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