Those three words. 

This topic is not at all new. But today I’m again got amazed at how some people – totally educated and are a part of a prominent society, still forgot to say:


Thank you,



And because I don’t want my weekend (and yours) got affected by an unimportant unpleasant story, I won’t share the details.

Instead, I am going to share this picture:

Image from (found on Pinterest)

Btw – what are your plans for the weekend? Here’s mine (in no particular order):
– Playing make up and dress up with some goodies I bought in the US (hint: Target haul :p)

– Run

– Write some blog posts

– Spend time with my family as we are visiting my granny 🙂

Here’s to a wonderful weekend full of positive vibes to all of us! 

26 thoughts on “Those three words. ”

  1. I remember a cartoon I watched when I was young(er), about these three magical words 🙂 . They are so simple, but can make everything better 🙂 .

  2. Yup, amazing that they tend to be forgotten. Sad really. I am tidying up the house, maybe blogging, picking my mum of the airport, go to a friend’s hen do, prepare to start my new job on Monday. Yay!

  3. Thanks for reminding Christa 🙂

    Weekend ini mau pacaran makan sushi dan nonton konser kecil-kecilan 🙂 selamat berakhir pekan Chris!

  4. Magic words klo kata murid2ku chris. Happy weekend. I will go to he church, then a friend’s wedding party, and maybe to ecopark on Sunday

  5. Tidak lebih dari dua kata tapi dampaknya bisa besar banget ya Mbak :)).
    Setuju. Kalau kita menunjukkan hal-hal positif, hal-hal baik, besar kemungkinan kebaikan-kebaikan itu akan kembali kepada kita :)).
    Thanks for sharing!

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