EF 18 – It’s Complicated!

Hellooo everyone! after a couple of weeks on hiatus, this week I am back participating in Blog English Club‘s English Friday! I know, I know, this post is not even posted on Friday but at least I am posting something :p. So this week’s topic is “What is complicated relationship for you?“. And I have just the perfect story to answer the question. 

Oh well, complicated relationship. Have we not been in one? for sure I have, way back. There’s this boy, which I found attractive. He’s my age, my friend in college (uh-oh anyone knows who he is? :p). He was not seeing someone, nor was I. He seems like a good boy, from a good family. Nothing sounds complicated at this point, except the fact that we have different faith.


When the younger me decided to engage in a relationship with him, I  knew what I signed up for. But I was young, not even 21. I knew that the relationship was going nowhere, yet I fell for him for a period of time. We grew closer over time; I love his family and he was there for mine when my dad passed away. I became too attached.

That’s when everything started to become complicated. As I was fragile, I started to think of the things that I should not be thinking about. The what ifs. I thought too far; it made us grew apart. Then someone new came into the picture. Someone new, without complication. So we parted ways, with less drama than we would have if we had stayed together. The end 😀

Image from: www.collective-evolution.com
Image from: http://www.collective-evolution.com

From my experience, I think a complicated relationship is one where it’s just not meant to be. Because if it’s meant to be, I think it would not have to be complicated at all 🙂

14 thoughts on “EF 18 – It’s Complicated!”

  1. Hehe, indeed. If it is meant to be, any complication that comes with it will not feel like a complication, right? Hehe 🙂

  2. Complicated matters force us to learn a little bit more about life, and to be honest, the lessons that were taught by those matters are preeeecious. I believe that you are more mature than you were back then, Mbak :hehe.

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