To share or not to share

It all started when I just arrived in LA. I came with a friend and my boyfriend picked us up at the airport. It was still early in the morning – around 7AM so we went straight to downtown LA to have breakfast.

I wanted to try Egglsut (have posted the picture here) – a casual food spot in Grand Central Market offering Egg centric food (hence the name hahaha). So we went there. Because I was excited, I started to take out my phone and take pictures, as always. I still haven’t purchased local sim card so I needed to borrow the boyfriend’s wifi to be online.

Before we ate, I snapped a picture. I was about to post it immediately to my Instagram when the boyfriend jokingly told my friend “look at her, miss social media!”, and then I stopped. I said “Okay,okay” and put my phone down. I managed to take some pictures though, I just did not upload them straightaway.

AnywayΒ later on we had a discussion – basically the boyfriend protested because he thought I spent too much time on my phone; particularly social media (ouch!). But his protest made me think “Am I posting too much?”

Well, I can consider myselfΒ active on Instagram, Facebook, and Path. Back in my Taipei Trip, I even had a special hashtag where I post instant update in every spots that I went (!!). The reason behind it? I wanted to be able to revisitΒ my journeys and see the memories, and I thought the best way to be able to do so was to post in on my social media accounts.

But after the discussion with my boyfriend, I decided to reduce my frequency of snapping pictures and most importantly, posting them to social media immediately. If you are friends with me on social media, I guess you might have noticed that I’ve been posting less. I still managed to post some pictures/updates here and there, but not as much anymore.

Now, being back home, I realised that I do not have that much of pictures. I have memories, still, in which I know I will be able to keep and share. There’s this blog in which I will share the stories, and I’ll also be able to share to my friends or family offline. Of course there are moments where I thought “ahhh I wish I had taken a picture of that!” when I was telling a story to my family/friends. But there’s always google πŸ™‚ What matters is the fact that I was able to enjoy a less connected quality time with the boyfriend during my trip to the US last month.

A rather unrelated picture - this one is taken at Coachella :)
A rather unrelated picture – this one is taken at Coachella πŸ™‚

What about you, when you travel, do you post and share that much of pictures on social media instantly? or do you wait until you’re back home and post selectively?Β 

56 thoughts on “To share or not to share”

  1. Pastinya saya bakal nunggu sampe rumah dulu, beberapa waktu, baru kemudian upload foto dan posting cerita dengan selektif. Karena suami juga sering bilang, boleh ngeblog tapi tetep harus ‘berpikir dua kali’ buat posting cerita atau upload foto. Terutama foto anak, agar gak disalah gunakan oleh orang lain. Makasih udah berbagi ‘pandangan’ itu Christa. Salam kenal πŸ™‚

    1. Iya, setelah aku jalanin di liburan kemarin, lebih enak kalau upload nya belakangan hehehe. Sama sama Desy, salam kenal ya makasih udah mampir πŸ™‚

  2. Kalau mau upload langsung biasanya sembunyi2 dari suami, kalo nggak, bakal dipelototin sama disindir2 haha. Akhirnya jadi ga enak hati. Biasanya kalau sudah nyampe rumah baru upload ke IG. Itupun kalo mau makan trus moto makanan suka dibilangin “mudah2an berdoanya ga tergantikan ritual foto2 ya” Ngookk hihi

    Nunggu cerita2mu Chris πŸ˜‰

    1. Iya Den kemarin itu aku kena banget disindir sindir pacar, ah sama aja ya para lelaki kita itu hehehe. Alhasil aku juga post nya sekali kali aja, jauh lebih jarang dari aku biasanya kalo traveling. Waahh Makasih yaa Den,udah ditungguin dengan sabar hihihi nyicil nih post nya πŸ™‚

  3. As for me, while traveling I only uploaded one or two per days. Sometimes I only uploaded one or two for the entire traveling. But I always snapped everything which I found beautiful to be captured.
    I always wanted to post them in a real time so that I can transfer them into my journal easily, and I used to be like that. But one day, after hearing my friends always gossiping about my other friend who loves to post her travel journey in real time, I quit. πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks for sharing Sandrine. one of my regret from the trip (besides not staying longer hehehe) is I feel that I didn’t take that many pictures, huhu. I should’ve just taken the pictures despite posting it or not πŸ™‚

  4. If I have the wifi and I was in a beautiful/unique place I snap and post it in Insta. But if no wifi I usually wait til I get to the hotel. Pictures from my DSLR camera I upload when I’m home and post it on Facebook first because I have mostly my near and dear on FB. I usually wait until I have more time to post on blog, because my audience and response on my blog is not as ‘rame’ as my FB. I rarely snap food pics as I often forget and because I don’t want to be that typical Asian person πŸ˜€ and also because my hubby and children always tease me about taking food picture

    1. My boyfriend likes to tease me too when I take food pictures hahahaha. I guess I am typical Asian πŸ˜‰ Your comment remind me that I haven’t finished selecting photos to be uploaded to my FB hehehe.

  5. Snap and upload instantly sih chris *hihi ngaku* tp dipilih2 cuma 2 or 3 (banyak juga ya). Ntar nyampe rumah lanjut lagi uploadnya. Di instagram doank tapi sih. No more path! Capek πŸ˜‰

    1. Aku juga udah mulai capek sama Path, Jo. Lebih ke Instagram sama balik lagi ke FB. Soalnya kalo FB masih bisa diliat lagi memori2 yang dulu, klo Path kan capek scroll nya :p

      1. Iya aku masih suka liat2 FB chris..seru krna memoriku dari jaman gadis ampe beranak pinak. Trus skrang suka ada reminder memori “today 4 years ago” gt kan ya. Jadi FB kundari 2007 berasa nostalgia

  6. I wait until I get free wifi access, hahaha πŸ˜† . Well I usually just pick a few (three or four max) for one day during a trip. Taking pictures is important but enjoying the moment is, indeed, more important.

    1. Hehehe true, instant update yes Fe? I used to post more than that! Imagine, one update on each socmed during every location that I went. Hahaha pantesan aja diprotes pacar. Sekarang 1-2 foto aja deh πŸ˜€

  7. I wait until I am finished with my holiday and post necessary pictures when I am already back at home. I also don’t upload much on socmed. Now that I just said it, I realize I am not really into social media…I abandon my facebook, don’t have Instagram, I rarely update my Path, and the only thing I care about is my blog hehehe πŸ˜›

  8. Kalo gw gak instantly karena emang jd ganggu ya kalo mesti posting instantly pas lg jalan jalan. Tp pasti gw posting later on buat memory. Seneng gw ngeliat ngeliat lg cerita cerita atau poto poto lama di blog atau Instagram πŸ™‚

    1. Iyaa itu salah satu alasan aku buat post2, seneng ngeliat foto2 lama di social media. Tapi I guess emang harusnya dipost nya ngga usah instantly hehehe

  9. I always take pictures when I do travelling, Mbak, but not always share it to social media. For me, taking pictures is important so we can recall the memories again by seeing those photos. But I often failed to enjoy the moments when I was busy snapping pictures. Thus, I promise myself to lessen my addiction of taking photographs when I travel, so I can enjoy the moments more 😊

  10. Every time I am with him, I barely use my phone. I don’t get to have him often, so even 2 minutes or 1 are treasure for me. Although, if we both post something, well, that’s different because the other person is not looking at your face while you update your social media…but still we try to avoid that πŸ™‚

    1. Yes.. since our case is similar (we don’t get to see each other that often too!), it’s best to avoid looking at my phone when I’m with him πŸ™‚

  11. Even saya suka motret banyak hal tapi tidak semua foto tersebut saya upload di IG, dan biasanya saya baru upload ketika sudah ada free time soalnya berasa lumayan risih juga kalau diupload pas lagi jalan-jalan. Bagi saya pribadi, there’s a time for everything.
    Nice to know you mba πŸ™‚

    1. Halo Wien, nice to know you too πŸ™‚ hehehe iya setelah dipikir pikir aku lebih enjoy upload nya belakangan, nggak live report kayak dulu :p

  12. Haha I feel you, my husband also not a social media type of person while I am vice versa.
    But looking at the positive side, I consider him as my “balancer”. I love taking pictures to preserve memories so I won’t stop doing that. But now I don’t usually post it right away/immediately. Oh well, sometimes I do :p I guess as long as our social media activity does not take away our focus from the essence of the holiday/trip itself (e.g.: quality time with family, meaningful conversation), it should be fine (though it’s a very vague line haha)

  13. Sometimes I wait until arrive at home. Tapi memang ada satu atau dua foto yang diposting juga saat liburan.

  14. Kalo aku lagi jalan-jalan, biasanya aku cuma ambil foto aja dan gak share langsung di social media. Dan karena aku lebih suka ambil foto pake pocket camera, jadi ya harus nunggu dulu sampai aku balik dari jalan-jalannya.

  15. Hahaha.. kena deh! Karena beberapa trip aku emang gak ada sinyal, aku emang gak post instantly. Tapi, lama2 jadi kebiasaan dan menikmati moment itu, ambil foto yang banyak dan dari beberapa angle sih tetep. Tapi abis itu, ya leyeh2 aja. Ada kok, temen aku yang suka maksa posting2 meski kita di remote island. Aku sih liatnya jadi kok gak nikmatin yaa, jadi malah anti social πŸ™‚
    Intinya jangan sampai teknologi menjauhkan yang dekat hehehe..ketemu donks πŸ™‚

    1. Hahaha kamu kebanyakan trip nya ke daerah2 seru siihh.. hidden treasure! πŸ˜€ kapannn kita ketemuuuu…. pasar santa skrg udah rame banget lho :p kita minggu2 santai lagi yuks!

  16. pastinya I wait until I finish my trip/holiday si Chris..ribet gak si kalau mesti update ditempat dan disaat kita harusnya santai2 nikmatin liburan huehehe.lagipula kalau jalan2 gitu or ketempat yang oke kebanyakan pake camera beneran jadi harus di edit or share ke hp dulu. kecuali kalau buat daily 1 foto bisalah colong2 waktu ,upload di IG or path. recently aku juga udah lebih sering latepost Chris..;p

    1. Nah aku emang kalo daily life jarang upload, senengnya pas liburan aja soalnya liat tempat2 baru kan.. kalo daily life nya ke rumah kantor doang hahaha :p tapiii kayaknya sekarang udah keseringan latepost semua juga deh nis.. hehe

  17. Kl instagram sih seringnya belakangan slny kl ngepost kebiasaan hrs diedit dl biar bgs wrnanya haha 😝 tp biasa kl ber wifi yg lgs diupdate di path satu biji aja ga pake diedit πŸ˜… gatau knapa kl d path rasanya krg afdol kl late post 😝 *it’s just me* Iya sih tujuannya memang buat keeping memories.. Kmr jalan2 pgnnya ngeblog pas hari H malem2 d hotel tiap malem biar bnr kecatet kegiatannya tp kburu cape dah ga da mood.. Smp skrg keterusan deh mandek blm dtulisin smua haha.. πŸ˜…

    1. Iyaa path emang tujuannya buat live update kan ya hehehe… btw aku juga niatnya kemaren malem2 mau tetep ngeblog tapi apa daya cuma rencana, sampe sekarang juga belom dipost cerita2nya.. masih draft semua 😦

  18. Gw pernah diprotes orang-orang terdekat karena selalu berkutat dengan socmed. Awalnya sebel sih, karena ya kan suka-suka kita mau ngapain. Trus mereka jadi malah menjauh gitu sampe akhirnya yaudah gw mengurangi kegiatan socmed. Dan lama-lama jadi nggak kepengenan lagi, posting when I really really really want to.

    1. Eh tau ngga Nad.. sekarang juga gue rada males posting.. kayaknya udah terbiasa ngga rajin posting malah jadi ngga terlalu mood. Sekarang lebih sering scroll timeline doang hihihi

  19. dong penasaran waktu lo ke LA kemaren koq ga ada ceritanya di path. Biasanya kan selalu ada live report hehe. Sampe sempet kepikiran β€œdid i remove you from my friends list?” Ended up searching your instagram trus nyampe di blog ini *super kepo ngga tuh*
    Funny thing is, as the audience, i actually enjoy your updates loh. I like keeping up with people’s journey and being part of their adventure πŸ˜€
    But as for myself, i’d prefer to take my time… capturing moments as needed and i only use my phone for that without browsing the social media. At the end of the day, i usually pick one or two pictures to share and sum up the day.
    Saran gw sih, you don’t need to hold back if you want to take pictures ya. Kayanya snapping pictures without instantly posting it to socmed won’t take that much of time. Asal ga selfie berlebihan aja πŸ˜†

    1. Haii Taa huehuehue… iyaa itulah alasannya. Tau ngga di kantor juga Rissa Disty nanyain kok gue jarang ngepost lagi.. Hahaha. Tapi to be honest kemaren itu lebih enjoyable sih liburannya, less connected to social media. Trus pas ada waktu kosong, baru deh milih2 foto dan post dengan tenang. Iya, kedepannya sih ngga mau hold back lagi to take pictures Ta.. tapi hold back posting it instantly πŸ˜‰

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