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Although I’m a self proclaimed music enthusiast, it’s been a while since I had the time to browse new music (or simply listening to music!). Sad, I know. It’s been also a while since I update my playlists. Anyway with the help of Spotify, I have been listening to more music lately (YAY!). And here are my the current new and upcoming releases that got me excited:

1. Passion Pit – Kindred
Their music have been one of my favourites since day one and I’m so excited when I found out that not only they have a new album but they’re also coming to Jakarta! Have a listen to their first single “Lifted Up (1985)” here:

2. Of Monsters and Men – Beneath The Skin
You might be familiar with them because of the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. This Scandinavian band is one of the few who have distinctive music and I’ve been waiting for their second album for awhile now. I instantly fell in love with their first single “Crystals” and I even like their second single “I of the Storm” better! Can’t wait to hear the whole album, it is out next month – 9 June.

3. Years & Years – Communion 
Although they have been active since 2010, this London-based electronica duo is new to me. I first heard their song “King” which was played often on the radio while I was in LA. When I reach home, I listened to their other singles and fell in love as well! Their songs are so enjoyable and danceable!

4. James Bay – Chaos and The Calm
Another one from the UK – James Bay is a recent discovery as well. His debut album has been released in March and although I haven’t heard all the songs, I have two favorites already. Have a listen to my most favorite “Hold Back The River“, which has been my companion at work the past days.

5. Tame Impala – Currents
The new album by this Perth based band will be released 17 July. I was lucky to be able to see them live at Coachella last month. Not only they performed some of their popular songs, they also performed “Let it Happen” from the new album. Wooohoo! But today I heard another song from the upcoming album; “Eventually”. The song is great, but it is also deep. It’s about a difficult separation and I wish I would never be in the position. Have a listen below:

What song(s) do you like to play nowadays? any upcoming releases that you are excitedly waiting for? 

20 thoughts on “New Releases”

  1. Iya nihhh passion pit mau dateng yah nanti agustus di wtf, tp knp presalenya mahall hikk, pdhl mau liat darius sama jessie ware juga tuhh.

    Btw, belakangan aku lg dengerin lagu2nya honne nih, apalagi yang coastal love sama warm on a cold night. Chill chill gitu. Hehee

    1. Harga normalnya 700ribu.. Lebih hikss lagiii. Tapi kepengen bgt nonton sih, lets see lah hehe.

      Wahh aku malah baru tau honne, enak2 yah dii, suka deh! Thanks rekomendasinya 🙂

  2. Hahaha, aku kok jarang ngikutin yang new release banget. Biasanya nunggu sampai agak terkenal dikit baru deh aku perhatikan, haha 😆

    1. Hehehe aku juga udah lama ngga ngikuti new release.. Dulu padahal rajin banget, tiap minggu update playlist.. Ohh masa muda yg tanpa beban :p hahaha

  3. Akhir2 ini sering ngikut selera musik suami. Yang sering kudengerin Captain Bacardi – Jobim
    River Song – Tonto
    Brazil – Jobim

    Padahal pengen puter Afgan dan Tulus juga haha

  4. recently I went back to listen ..the legendary Pink Floyd ( one of my fav after beatles eh banyak si sebenarnya ahahaha ) andalan si tiap hari yang wish you were here. everytime I hear this song I feel like in different (beautiful) place. aahh I know ..just call me old school ;p

      1. Sudah dengerin semua Chris! Paling suka Kingnya Years & YEars, trus Hold BAck The Rivernya James Bay, trus Lifted Up (1985) Passion Pit, Currentsnya Time Impala dan yang terakhir yang Beneath the Skinnya of Monsters and Men. Dua yang terakhir agak susah nikmatinnya tapi lama-lama suka. 😀

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