Lip Color Frenzy

It all started around late last year, this new hobby of mine. NYX was the first brand that I bought. I even wrote a blog post about it. Ever since, I become more and more interested in lip colors. I started to follow more beauty blogs and started to engage in more conversations about lip colors with my girlfriends. I started to experiment; choosing the color tones that I like and suits me for various occasions.

However, I can’t really find many brands of good lip colors here in Indonesia. I think we have limited brands / shades with not – so – friendly prices. So being in the US last month was like mini lip color heaven to me, yeayyy! (hint: Sephora, Target :p)

So I bought a couple.. hehehe. Including the much talked about Colourpop lippie stixs. And just because I don’t have much to do today, I sort of played around with my collection and decided to share it here. Consider this as a rookie review! P.S: I’m no beauty blogger! 🙂

Of course let’s start with NYX. Bought these Soft Matte Lip Cream babies last year (around December-ish) and as you can see, I almost run out of them. I used to wear it every day, switching all the colors I have and I praised them highly in my previous post about lipstick. But somehow after wearing them so often, I felt like my lips became dry-er than it already was. So I did not wear them as often anymore and haven’t made another purchase. My favorite? Prague.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Moving on to a new favorite, Colourpop Cosmetics. This LA based brand is currently only available online. Lucky me I managed to buy some of their much talked about Lippie Stix when I was there. Check out their website and tell me if they did not succeed in making you drool for the colors! soooo many cute colors! sooo confusing I ended up buying only two (which I regret, hahaha). Pssst they’re only $5 each (before tax) and it looks good on my skin. They’re pigmented and so far don’t make my lips dry. My favorite: Brink – perfect for everyday wear.

Colourpop Lippie Stix
Colourpop Lippie Stix

The third brand that I have and have been using lately is Sephora Collection. Currently I have two kinds – Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color ($16) and Cream Lip Stain ($13).  To be honest I still don’t use it very often, as I think I haven’t found the perfect occasions. To me they are very bold and I’m still not used to wearing bold colors, but sometimes it’s fun to do! Hmmm and I think the Luster Matte is not as matte as Coloupop or NYX though, but definitely a go for bold colors. My favorite between both products is the Luster Matte – I love the pink/purple-ish shade.


Last but not least… the brand that I am going to share to you is Rimmel London. Although originally from the UK, this brand is easy to find in US’ drugstores. It all started when my cousin asked me to buy their Provocalips lip color ($6.49 in Target). The promise is quite something – 16 hour kiss proof, transfer proof, food proof lip color. Curious, I bought two! Hehehe. Verdict? The color really stays! I remember putting it in the morning before work, had breakfast, drank glasses of water while working, then had lunch… and the color was still there. I also love the fact that it (again, so far) does not make my lips dry. Only because there are two steps to use it, sometimes I felt lazy and just used the 1st step, making it not so matte (I prefer matte colors…). My favorite? Heart Breaker. I don’t think Kiss Fatal suits me. I’m curious to try other colors though! 😉

Rimmel Provocalips
Rimmel Provocalips

And that’s about it! It was surely fun to play swatches and I hope you enjoy reading this random post, hehehe. Have a good weekend! 🙂

22 thoughts on “Lip Color Frenzy”

  1. Christa, ini gw langsung keingetan ama istri bacanya. Kemaren berbinar-binar banget pas maen ke Sephora singapur. wkwkwkwk. Gwnya yang pening di sana di tanya warna ina inu ini padahal menurut gw bedanya gak jauh *100% curhat. 😀

    1. Hahahaha iya Dan, kalo istri nya punya blog pasti udh nulis ttg lipstik gini juga deh ya :p eh sama bgt kemaren di us pacar gue juga pening gue ajak keluar masuk sephora, mostly tanpa beli apa apa karena saking banyaknya jd kegirangan dan bingung sendiri :p

  2. Aku juga pake Rimmel Provocalips disini! Tapi udah habis karena tiap hari pake. Itu aku kirain yg final touchnya bakal bikin lipstik gimana gitu taunya malah jadi kayak nyatu ama warna bibir, seru banget!

    1. Waah disana warna nya lengkap ngga? Pas aku di US pilihan warna nya kurang banyak di setiap toko yg aku datengin.. best banget ya ini, udah gitu tahan lama bangeett, canggih!

      1. Hmm aku ngga tau “lengkap”nya tuh berapa warna. Tapi aku pake yg I’ll Call You, itu makin lama malah warnanya makin rata di bibir yah. Enak banget dipakenya!

  3. I agree NYX Lip Matte makes the lips dry, even though I use lip balm before applying the lipstain. But the color does look awesome in my lips. I love the color Stockholm.

    Don’t try NYX Butter Lipstick, it’s not good at all.

    But do try Stila. I have the Patina color, and it’s awesome. It really stays on your lips even after you eat and drink, at the end of the day I still need to use make up remover to remove the excess. Best of all it doesn’t make my lips dry. The cons would be it’s rather on the expensive side. 1 Stila equals to (almost) 3 NYXes.

    1. Ahhh Stila!! you know what Patina was sold out in every Sephora that I went! crazy righttt…? I’m considering to buy it from online shop in Instagram hehehe.. Agree it’s rather pricey though.. but after reading your testimonial I’m really tempted to buy… :p

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