Churro Dog (!!!)

I am currently sitting in Benedict – a newly opened restaurant located in Grand Indonesia. Yes, it is still working hours, and yes, it is a Wednesday. But my client had to postpone our meeting to later this afternoon and I suddenly found myself having an hour free time.. so I decided to sit down and have some “afternoon tea time” while waiting.

I chose this restaurant because my friend once posted a nice review about it on his Path account. It’s not crowded at all when I arrived, so I decided to came in straightaway. Before I was taken to my table, I had to register myself and leave my phone number – which is a bit odd because I was not doing any reservation, but whatever, I thought – I guess it’s their way to gather customer data.

My friend recommended their Snickers Cheese Cake so I ordered it without having looked at the menu carefully, plus a cup of latte. While I was waiting for my order to arrive, I decided to look at the menu. I stopped at first page where I read that they have “Churro Dog” (IDR 35K,000).

Wait, what? Churro Dog?

Yep, and this is a description of the dish on their menu – Β “Fluffy Pancake, Churros, Bacon, Candied Strawberry, Maple Custard Ice Cream”.

Are you kidding me? Being a big Churro fan that I am, I think the dish sounds super tempting! (Plus a little weird, to be honest, but my curiosity won and I decided to order it too). This is how it looks like :

Churro Dog

And let me tell you that it was very gooooood!! I didn’t actually imagine that when mixed together, all the ingredients would taste this good. Eat it like how you eat a burrito to taste a perfect blend ofΒ  sweet and savory at the same time, making it a very yummy yet unique dish. Plus, it’s only IDR 35,000!

What about their latte? Good, but not the best I’ve had. The cheese cake? I’m bringing it home so I’m going to have to tell you later. The atmosphere? Warm and cosy! I like!

The warm atmosphere…

Now that I have to catch my meeting in the next 15 minutes, I’m going to end this post here. But let me assure that I’m excited to come back to try other dishes in their menu. Until then! πŸ™‚

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
East Mall, Lower Ground EM-LG 37-39
Phone: (+6221) 23581238
Instagram: @benedictjakarta
Opening Hous: 10.00 – 22.00

16 thoughts on “Churro Dog (!!!)”

    1. Hahaha iyaaa… churros nya tbh kalo dimakan sendirian ngga enak sih.. Ini makanan emang kayaknya udh diatur harus dimakan bareng2 semua bahannya, baru enak..

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