The day one of my dreams came true

Back in high school, I had a dream in becoming a magazine journalist. You see I have been a big fan of magazines since good ol’ BOBO days. As I grew up, Kawanku, Gadis, (even Hai) were my good friends. It’s only normal when I had this aspiration to become a magazine journalist. Then dreams changed, priorities changed. I no longer want to become one. But obviously, my love for writing hasn’t faded and I still wish that my name will be printed on a magazine someday, somehow.

Months ago before I went to the US I suddenly had the idea to approach some magazines and offer to write about Coachella, but I did not know how. I asked my friend C – who work in a publishing group, she told me how and I finally had a deal with CLEO Indonesia magazine. Yayyy! Long story short, the trip happened, Coachella happened, and just yesterday – almost a month after I came back from the US… their June edition was out!

CLEO Indonesia - June Edition
CLEO Indonesia – June Edition

Let me tell you how I felt when opening the page and saw my name written there. My brother was there with me – we were in a bookstore. I felt sooooooo excited and happy!!! Like I-CANT-BELIEVE-THIS-IS-HAPPENING happy! My brother was excited for me too! We hugged each other and almost jumped around in that bookstore hahahaha (lucky the magazine section was rather empty :p).

I know it probably does not mean much to some of you, but it means a lot to me. Who would’ve thought – years after I first had the dream, I am finally able to make it a reality! So here’s to a dream come true and I do hope that yours will come true as well. Never stop dreaming! 🙂

44 thoughts on “The day one of my dreams came true”

  1. Congratulations, Mbak! Seeing your name printed in a magazine is definitely a big thing! Keren banget! Bukti ya ini, apa pun yang niatnya dipupuk terus dan disertai usaha pasti berbuah manis :)).

  2. good job christa 🙂 wishing you all the best for the next name printed (yours of course) in more magazines. who knows that journalist will be your side job. break a leg dear.

  3. Congrats Christa!
    Artikelku juga pernah muncul sekali di Kawanku, walo bayarannya gak seberapa tapi bangganya bukan main hehehe…

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