Coachella Camping

Camping in Coachella is actually not mandatory – it’s just one of the accommodation options when you are going to the Festival. However, since I came all the way from Indonesia and it was my first Coachella… might as well just camp to have the full Coachella experience. My boyfriend has been to Coachella before but he did not camp.. so it’s his first time too. Excitedddd!

When we purchased the ticket in May 2014, we purchased a car camping spot as well. This would give us a 10′ x 30′ spot the car camping area. The spot must be filled with a car and a tent. It’s then up to us how many do we want to bring in our spot, as long as everyone has a festival pass. The spot is good for the whole Coachella weekend and once you’re in, you can’t drive your car out until the festival is finished.

This year the festival area was opened since Thursday 9AM. We arrived in the afternoon, just with enough time to build our tent before the sun sets.

Our neighbors.. preparing their tent
Our neighbors.. chillin!
After our tent was built, we spent some time resting and got to know our neighbors. As you can see from the pictures above, the space is rather packed so we thought it’s a good idea to get to know our neighbors. Interestingly, both our left and right neighbors were college students, all from California.

They are young and from what we overheard (hahaha), some are not even 21! Ahhh good old days of partying :p They are the typical American college students we often see in the movies – making us look like old married couple compared to them hahaha (yet we’re not even married! lol). But they were nice and although they could be noisy at times, it was still tolerable to us.

View from our tent in the morning
By now I hope you already have a clearer view of what it’s like to camp in Coachella. But perhaps you still wonder – was it boring? what to do when the festival site was still closed? (they opened at 11AM every day).

The answer is.. no, it was not boring at all. In fact the experience was so interesting! Some group of people prefer to have their own “party” in their camping spots, just chill, played some music, some drinking games. But there’s also a camping center inside the camping area – a big melting pot full of activity centers, food trucks/stalls, farmer’s market, games booth, internet booth, and even a beauty bar! All activities were for free, but be prepared to queue. Like this one day I wanted to try the beauty bar, I came there at 11AM and they were full booked until 3PM. The stylist told me people started queueing since 6.30AM hahaha… i’d rather sleep if that’s the case :p

Camping Center – Full of activities!
There’s something for everyone!
Salon in the desert? why not! πŸ˜€
Other than the question I answered above, when I told my camping story to my friends at home, I also got two other “frequently asked questions”, lol. One is – how did you get food to eat?  the answer is… we cooked! Hohoho. Yep, we brought a cooler with dry ice (which surprisingly lasted for the whole weekend!), a gas stove, and purchased some meat, eggs, and also.. Indomie. YESSS. So our meals were never a problem , we cooked breakfast (normally eggs + bacon), lunch (normally steak+eggs), and supper (normally indomie :P). We had dinner inside the Coachella festival area because the festival had some interesting food stalls/trucks we wanted to try. But, with cooking we could save money and also have one interesting experience!

The other question (and the most commonly asked!) is – where did you shower?  well shower was not a problem at all for us because there were shower trailers (separately for men and women) available – pretty decent to my standards. We made a mistake on Friday morning when we wanted to take a shower at around 7AM… we had to queue for almost an hour! No fun but we figured we had to shower anyway so we did it. Later that day after we came back from the festival, feeling so tired and dirty because of all the dust in the desert, we decided to take a shower again at night.. approximately around 11PM. To our surprise there was no queue and the shower trailer looked like it was just being cleaned! After that day, we always took a shower at night while we were there.. more comfortable and we could sleep better at night, feeling fresh πŸ™‚

Image from:
Image from:
Overall, I think camping is a very fun thing to do and I’d definitely do it again the next time I visit Coachella! It definitely gave colors to my whole Coachella experience and I’d recommend you to give it a try if you’re thinking of going.

Will write more about the festival itself, meanwhile here’s a picture of (probably 1/4) the car camping area taken from top of the ferris wheel… Ohhh how I wish those days could come back once more!

Car Camping area
Car Camping area

36 thoughts on “Coachella Camping”

  1. Good strategy Christa regarding going to the shower. I bet it was fun camping there. The activities seemed fun to follow. And Indomie saved the weekend πŸ˜‰ What was the average time to wake up in the morning? I mean all the energy from the concert the previous nights must have kept you all awake up until late.

    I will let my daughter read this as she wants to go to Coachella too, one day πŸ˜‰

    1. Hehehe it was indeed very fun!

      Hmmm since it got hot instantly after sunrise, I normally woke up around 7-7.30.. I did not really stayed up until late anyway, maximum 1AM so I had enough sleep πŸ™‚

      I hope she’ll be able to visit one day, must be very exciting for her! πŸ™‚

    1. Malem dinginnn siang panasss… ala2 gurun banget deh Di. Waktu hari pertama jadinya saltum, siang udah gaya2an celana pendek kutangan, eh pas matahari terbenam lgsg mengigil kedinginan.. hahaha. Besok2nya bawa jaket biar bisa tetep nontonin konsernya sampe malem tanpa kedinginan hehe

      1. Btw, langit malemnya juga mungkin keren gt kali ya chris kalau gak pas lg konser, soalnya kan gak ada polusi cahaya gituuu

    1. Hahaha iya man seruu.. kalo malem dingin, begitu matahari terbenam aja udah mulai tuh berasa. Makin malem makin dingin sih bagiku, sekitaran 10C kali ya.. bule2 sih cuek aja tapi pada kutangan, segitu anget kali bagi mereka hahahaha

    1. Tetep aja dingin Adhya kalo malem.. Namanya juga di gurun, aku tidur lengkap kaos kaki+ selimut lapis 2 udh kayak winter.. Ehh begitu matahari terbit lgsg kepanasan hahaha canggung cuacanya :p

  2. Seru ya! But not my style hehehe… Kalo camping gini emang budayanya orang bule banget ya, mereka kayaknya demen camping kumpul-kumpul gini.

    1. Hehehe iyaa kalo bule2 kayaknya udh biasa camping, di supermarket tuh gampang bgt dicari perlengkapan nya dan harganya terjangkau pula. Kalo di indo kan rada sulit ya hehehe

  3. Hahaha, camping kalo rame-rame mungkin seru ya. Tapi camping is not my style deh. Kalo nonton Wimbledon juga banyak tuh yang camping untuk antre tiketnya tetapi aku malasss, hahaha

    1. Iyaa makin rame makin seru kayaknya kalo camping, apalagi kalo masih muda.. Energi nya fullll hahaha. Kemaren kita sih take it easy aja santai2 hihi :p

  4. Seru pasti ya, sama seperti komen diatas, awalnya aku mau nanya cuacanya gimana haha… Soalnya keliatannya pas siang cerah gitu πŸ˜€

  5. Balon udaranya keren, tampak tunggal dan benda-benda lain kelihatan sangat kecil, terutama orang-orangnya :hehe. Tapi dilihat-lihat dari sini, agak ramai ya Mbak :hehe. Tendanya sepertinya mepet-mepet sekali dengan tenda orang lain :hehe. Tapi kalau tetangganya fun, malah bisa jadi cerita tersendiri juga ya :)).

    1. Iya rame banget Gara, kabarnya total yg dateng ke festival ada 100rb orang.. Yg camping setengahnya kali ya, pokoknya rameeee bgt hehe. Untungg sih tetangga kita asik2 aja ga ada masalah.. Kalo rese ya bete juga kali hehe

  6. Kewl! Btw, sepertinya jarak tenda2 kan deket banget thu Ta, kalo malem kedengeran ga yg pada snoring??πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜† so far si aku sering camping tapi lom perna camping ala festival music gitu…πŸ˜€

    1. Nggak kokk Ria :p Well aku kalo tidur pules sih ya hihihi. Tapi tetangga2 itu pada pasang musik ya kedengeran.. untungnya ngga berisik terlalu parah walau sebelahku tuh abg2 kerjanya mabok terus sepanjang weekend.. hahaha.. seru lah sekali sekali :)))))

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