At the drive in.

Being in a long distance relationship means that we are lacking the chance to have date nights. So, whenever we meet, we always make some time for a date night in between our busy traveling schedule. This time we went to see a movie, but not in an ordinary theatre. We went to a drive in theatre! We actually had talked about going to a drive in theatre since my 2013 visit but it did not happen then. We both never been before, so we thought it would be cool to go.

Finally we managed to squeeze some time just two days before my stay ended. As we were based in between Los Angeles and Orange County, we searched for “drive in theatre Los Angeles” and Vineland drive in was one of the top results. It was not far from where were at, so we went there after dinner time.

The admission fee was $9 per person. This, however, is simply an admission fee to enter the theatre area. There were several screens inside the area – forgot how many, probably three or four. There were two movies played in a screen, back to back and that admission fee is good for each screen. Meaning, you could actually watch two movies in a row with only $9! Quite a good deal, I think.

Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In
Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In

That time, there were actually no good movies that we really wanted to see. The choice that suit our time was limited too, it’s either unfriended – a teen horror movie which we have seen before or Cinderella. We chose to see Cinderella hehehe, since we both haven’t seen it.

The movie list
The movie list

We got there quite early, probably 15 minutes before the schedule for cinderella. After paying our fee, the cashier told us to set our car radio to a certain frequency… that’s how we got to hear the sounds of the movie. Cool, right? then we drove to our screen area. When we arrived, another movie was still playing. it was Home – another cartoon movie. That’s when we realised that we could actually see two movies in a row, only by paying 1 time admission fee.

HOME was playing when we got there
HOME was playing when we got there

There were around 5-8 cars in our screen at that time. Not many, because it was a working day and it was quite late, around 10PM. What’s interesting is that half of the audience were families with young children, they parked their car (mostly van) and took out chairs to watch the movie. I guess it’s a convenient alternative to regular cinema when you have kids.

Overall, we really enjoyed going to a drive in cinema and would love to do it again! We’d also recommend going to Vineland if you happen to be near LA. It has an interesting retro feel, but with current movies. Any of you have been to a drive in cinema as well? how’s your experience?

Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In
443 N. Vineland Ave.
City Of Industry, CA 91746
(626) 961-9262

29 thoughts on “At the drive in.”

    1. Iyaa kayaknya udh ngga ada di Indo. Dulu di Jakarta ada kan di ancol. Btw layar tancep aja sekarang udh jarang lho, dulu masi sering nonton di deket rumah.. Hehe

      Btw ini seru man, sekali2 cobain deh sekeluarga sekalian piknik hehehe 😀

    1. Iyaa dia mulainya kayaknya jam 8an keatas tapi sampe midnight. Sebenernya filmnya lumayan baru2 lho, sama aja kayak di bioskop normal hehe.. Seru juga 🙂

  1. Seru dan pastinya ini pengalaman dengan sensasi yang beda banget ketimbang menonton secara konvensional di gedung bioskop ya, Mbak. Beda dengan Indonesia, sekarang layar tancep saja sudah tidak ada lagi, padahal sebetulnya konsep menontonnya agak mirip kan dengan yang satu ini, cuma tanpa di dalam kendaraan :hehe.

    1. Iyaa enaknya nonton nya lebih santai kayak di rumah sendiri, namanya di mobil kan hehehe trus kalo buat anak2 ngga repot, mereka bebas mau teriak2 juga gapapa hehehe. Iya sayang yah udh ngga ada lagi layar tancep..

    1. $9 per layar itungannya Ryan. Kalo ga salah tiap malem 1 layar ada 3/4 film deh. Jadi boleh aja ngga keluar2 sampe bubar hehehe. Yg ngga boleh ganti2 layar kabarnya..

  2. Sensasi nonton begini emang beda ya sama di bioskop. Dulu pas kecil jg ada tempat buat nonton kayak gini, sering disebut misbar (gerimis bubar) haha. Ah jadi kangen :’) Btw $9 ga terlalu mahal yah kalo bisa dapet lebih dari 1 film

    1. Oya di daerah mana misbar nya? Aku denger misbar dari orang tua aja, pas aku kecilpun udah ngga ada tempat kayak gini di daerah aku. Iya.. lumayan juga dibanding nonton di bioskop konvensional hehe

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