Summer Songs

As summer is approaching in my part of the world.. I’ve been trying to find the perfect summer song. Thanks to Spotify  I came across this song…

OMI – Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)

And I can’t get it out of my mind ever since! sooooo addictive! Now, about the artist – OMI is a Jamaican-born singer but his single is widely known across the UK, Australia, and according to my friend – just launched in the US recently and starting to be a hit too.

Oh, btw, because of this song I started to browse some other reggae pop/ reggae fusion artist and so far I’m liking what I hear! I guess it’s official, my summer genre this year is… Reggae!  *dance* *dance* *dance*

Here’s some other songs that I’m currently listening to, and although I don’t understand a word from the lyrics… believe me these kind of songs are such mood booster, especially when you listen to them at work 😀

Justin Quiles – Maria 

J Balvin, Farruko – 6 AM

So, what’s your summer song? x

13 thoughts on “Summer Songs”

  1. Summer has come, finally :haha. Saatnya bermain ke pantai, bersenang-senang, dan berlibur bersama keluarga. Ya, lagu reggae ini bagi saya pantai banget, setiap mendengarnya serasa ada di tepi pantai, di bawah pohon kelapa pada siang yang panas tapi sejuk di bawah pohon itu :)).

    Tak sabar rasanya untuk segera liburan!

  2. kalau aku lagi suka dengerin Lisbon. For me summer = road trips bukan party jadi senengnya lagu yang begitu…Tapi yang paling mantep belum terkalahkan adalah “Summer breeze…. makes you feel fine…” lalala

    1. Wah aku jd tau referensi lagu baru dari kamu. Ngga tau lisbon, nama band? Bukan kota itu kan? Hehe. Kalo summer breeze yg dimaksud george benson bukan? 😉

      Iya, road trip pas summer menyenangkan sekali ya pasti!

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