Apple Music is here! 

Who’s excited for Apple Music? I’ve been anticipating for its launch since I saw this commercial three weeks ago:

When it’s finally launched yesterday with the latest update of iOs, I immediately updated my iPhone and anxiously opened the Music app after the download is finished.

I actually forgot – did I have to sign in or did it automatically connects me to my Apple ID, but soon after I saw ‘My Account’ page, I was shown a list of music genres to chose. It did not show everything, I think it sort of get the idea from my history of iTunes purchase/songs from my iTunes library. Here’s a screenshot of what I favorited: 

Choosing my favorite genres – Screenshot from my iPhone
After I clicked ‘Next’ I was again shown a page where I should choose. This time, favorite artists. Again, it did not show everyone, but I had to choose anyway.

Choosing my favorite artists – screenshot from my iPhone
Because I choose R&B as one of my favorite genres and electronic artists such as M83, my “homepage” or the “For You” section consisted of a Jay – Z playlist and some electronic playlist. “One Giant Leap for Mankind”… I like the title! 😀

My “homepage” – sort of. Screenshot from my iPhone
As I kept scrolling down, I found another playlist which caught my interest more. I decided to listen to some disco beats, hence this playlist…

A playlists’ homepage – Screenshot from my iPhone
However, I am still kind of confused with the interface. For example, just as I am writing this my “For You” section has changed again. This time includes a Joss Stone and a 90s electronica playlist. I also got some recommendations; Michael Jackson’s Thriller album, Grizzly Bear’s Shiled album, Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album, and Usher’s Confession album… to name a few.

Although that shows a more diverse options to me (I loveee almost all kind of music and I like to discover new music), I still think it is considered predictable and nothing new, because I know all the artists recommended to me. Somehow, I like Spotify’s “homepage” better, where I can get playlist recommendations based on time of the day. That’s how I usually got new recommendations and discover new music. 

And, how do I create my own Playlist? Still haven’t found out how to do it. 

But… here’s the cool thing about Apple Music. Beats 1 Radio! It’s a 24/7 live radio broadcasted from several parts of the world with DJ’s such as Zane Lowe from LA (yes, that Zane Lowe), Julie Adenuga from London and St.Vincent.

Now here’s the place where I can discover new music! By listening to the radio, every time I hear a new song that I like, I can just instantly “love” or add it to my music, and then it immediately updates my preferred genre/artists as well. YASSS.

Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio – Screenshot from my iPhone
So far, I’m loving Apple Music. It’s still free for 3 months trial now and afterwards it’s IDR 69.000 per month in Indonesia – quite I good deal I say. Will be better once I got more used to the interface I think.

Have you checked it out? What do you think?

33 thoughts on “Apple Music is here! ”

  1. Pindahin ke library : ada titik2 di samping judul lagu yg lg diputer, klik titik2 itu nanti kebuka opsi nya apa aja…
    Btw ini bisa offline jg ga ya?

    1. Ahaaa got it! Iya add to my music dulu trus di my music nanti keliatan opsi add new playlist ya. Tapi masi sedikit lebih ribet dr spotify menurutku. Mungkin belum kebiasa aja..

      Katanya kalo udh di save ke my music bisa offline tapi aku belum coba hehe

    1. Aku so far sih radio beats1 nya suka banget, tapi kalo dengerin playlist lebih suka spotify hehe. Sayangnya di indo spotify ribet aku musti pake vpn.. Jadi kayaknya bakal beralih nih :s

  2. Cara baru buat mengeksplorasi musik terus menyimpan genre musik yang kita suka! Semacam DJ pribadi ya Mbak, convenient banget menyesuaikan dirinya dengan “perintah” kita :hehe. Lumayan sih bayarnya cuma tak apalah, kalau bisa terus dapat rekomendasi musik bagus dan banyak lagu baru, hitung-hitung memberi penghargaan juga pada si penyanyi dan pencipta lagu :hehe.

    Sayang, masalahnya saya belum punya gawai dengan sistem operasi iOS :hehe :peace.

    1. Iya semacam dj pribadi, algoritma nya keren banget perlu diacungi jempol! 👍🏼 iya bayarnya kalo 70ribu sebulan masih ok lah ya di kantong. Nahh gatau nih kedepannya bakal bisa buat android ngga yaa.. Hehehe

      1. Kayaknya jauh sih Mbak dari android :hihi, tapi semoga ada rezeki untuk membeli gawai berbasis iOS :amin.

      1. Ohhh di Australia lebih mahal ya jatohnya. Apa $12 itu standarnya sama kayak 70ribu di Indo kali ya? Kalo 70ribu sebulan di Indo kan masih pas di kantong hehehe

      2. Ohh iya lebih mahal ya.. tapi boleh dicoba Em mumpung masih trial, aku enjoy banget so far 🙂 *bukanpostinganberbayar* hihi

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