New cinema experience in town

Last Thursday I was invited to visit CGV Blitz in Grand Indonesia. Wait, what is CGV Blitz? is it the same with Blitzmegaplex? Yep, that Thursday occasion was actually a celebration to announce the re-branding of this cinema chain and the grand re-opening of its Grand Indonesia branch.

The new design
The staffs were all dressed up for the day
Self-Ticketing counter
Photo booth with the superhero
Popcorn Zone
Ticket box

As a part of the event, we were also invited to watch Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation in its brand new cinema with Sphere X feature. Sphere X is the latest technology which emphasizes in three aspects to enhance your movie screening experience – Screen, Sound and Seat. Sounds cool, yes?

It is actually really cool. The screen is the biggest in the world, the first one in Indonesia –  16 x 24m. The sound system was amazing!!! (I have to put three exclamation mark just to emphasize, hehehe). I don’t really get the technology behind it but seriously the sound was amazing. It felt like you were surrounded by the sound. Finally, the seat. When compared to the sound and the screen, to me the seat was the least cool factor… but still pretty comfortable.

SphereX Price list
Inside the SphereX auditorium

What about the movie? What was it like?

Well.. Mission Impossible is Mission Impossible, if you know what I mean. It’s a full packed action movie, not really my favorite kind of movie. But I can say that the movie was really intense. Too intense, even. too much action for the hopeless romantic me :p

so, have you been to CGV Blitz Grand Indonesia?

Photo session ;D

27 thoughts on “New cinema experience in town”

  1. Reading your story, I would love to visit the cinema…but in my experience, I don’t like the seat in the previous Blitz studio…I still love the seat in XXI studio ☺

  2. Udh cobain di central park, tp belum ada beda sm sebelumnya. Mungkin baru GI x ya mba.. Tp Mission Impossible nya kurang greget menurut aku sbg pecinta action hahaha..

  3. self service ticketing itu penting banget menurutku..aku termasuk yg doyan pakai service ini di Belanda. Jadi gak usah ngantri dan tiket tinggal bayar online..
    Terus terang, penampilan cinema blitz lebih yahud daripada cinema di sini 😀 😀 Keren bow..

    1. Iya enak yah kalo ada self service ticketing. Aku baru liat di Blitz ini, kalo di cinema lain masih harus ngantri ke loket hehe. Indonesia emang jagonya ya kalo yang keren2 gini.. terakhir pas di US kemarin sempet beberapa kali nonton juga bioskopnya biasa banget cenderung kuno malah :)))))

  4. Uihhhh ini layarnya lebih gede dari yang di Cinemaxx kali ya…. kemarin sempat dikasih tahu teman yang anggota blitzclub sih. Eh Chris, dirimu suka nontonkah? N deket GI? Kalau iya, nanti aku coba tanyain pas ada acara premier, biasanya dia ada tiket nonton gratis. 😀

    1. Kabarnya sih gitu.. Palingg guedeee hehehe. Iyaa aku suka nonton tp sbenernya jarang ke GI, paling weekend aja. Tapii tiket gratis gak nolak sih :p

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