My Favorite Youtube Channels

Watching Youtube videos is one of my favorite thing to do to kill time. I like to watch everything from super cute panda videos to inspiring Ted talks (No, I don’t like cat videos.. I’m no cat person. Sorry! :p). Here are a few of my favorite youtube channels, perhaps you’ve seen them too?

Wong Fu Productions

Based in California, Wong Fu Productions go way back to 2003. But it’s not until four years ago that I first heard about them and instantly subscribed to their channel.. because of this short movie called “Strangers, again”.

It is a love story about a couple in a crossroads. Younger me found it really touching, I think I even cried a little bit :p Anyways, they don’t only make dramas and romantic movies, but also funny ones, and even a thriller movie! They recently launched a movie which sadly can only be watched through Vimeo… and as you all know, Vimeo is blocked in Indonesia 😦

BuzzFeed Video

Buzzfeed started as a social news and entertainment website. Basically the source of your daily laughs and entertainment. Their Youtube channel started in 2011 and have been providing us with funny-and-entertaining-sometimes-unimportant videos. Like this one:

They often have shorter videos, like this video about Indonesian food which went viral in my Indonesian network. All funny stuffs and can give you good laughs 🙂


I have to admit the main reason I subscribed to her channel is…. her British accent! Hehehe… Although she is considered a beauty blogger, I rarely pay attention to her beauty tutorial, although I find her shopping haul videos are very interesting 🙂 But really, she is just so cute! plus.. watching her talking about Primark can really bring a lot of good memories :p

Fung Bros Comedy

Another California-based Youtuber, the Fung brothers; Andrew and David post videos every Tuesday and Thursday. They post videos on Asian-American life which I personally think is interesting.. in a funny way, hence the channel’s name. Think you’ve seen them somewhere? Well.. chances are you might have seen this viral video on Indonesian food..

Thought Café

This channel is a recent addition to my subscriptions list. It is a very informative channel, with videos on world history and popular topics delivered with an interesting and easy to understand graphics. Thought Cafe is the design team behind Crash Course, another cool and informative Youtube channel. The videos are so easy to understand and interesting to watch!

Well.. that’s 5 of my favorite Youtube channels. There are more on my subscriptions list, including awesome musicians like Sorah Yang, Fathia Izzati (she’s Indonesian!), and a lot others… but I’ll have to write a separate posts just to review my favorite Youtube musicians 🙂

Anyway.. do you go to Youtube often? any favorite channel from your end?

29 thoughts on “My Favorite Youtube Channels”

  1. Suka buka YouTube kalau sedang cari video-video klip (hihi) atau video tutorial tarian, kayak sekarang yang kantor saya mau kompetisi tari jadi saya suka bantu cariin video :hehe. Eh, tapi video tentang makanan Indonesia kayaknya cukup sering diulas oleh YouTube-ers internasional ya, soalnya di postingan di atas banyak disinggung soal video tentang makanan Indonesia yang jadi viral. Nanti saya mau coba lihat deh, penasaran :hehe.

    1. Iyaa lumayan Gara, semakin banyak yang tau makanan Indonesia.. Biar ga dikira makanan Malaysia atau Singapura mulu. Sempet sakit hati waktu di Inggris ke restoran negara tetangga ada menu Sate Ayam.. Lhooo kayak kenal ya kan hehehehe

      Btw semoga menang kompetisi tari nya! 😀

      1. Oh sate ayam oh sate ayam :haha.
        Sip, terima kasih Mbak! Karena sudah berjanji, dengan kondisi apa pun the show must go on :hoho.

  2. Think I might go and see those channels you recommended. Kalo di youtube sukanya nonton Malem Minggu Miko hakakka…apalagi dulu nontonya pas di yurop klo pas lg kangen2nya ama Indonesia :))

  3. Chris, aku ga tau semua yang ada dilistmu haha. Jadi aku akan nyoba cari satu persatu nanti. Kalau aku ke Youtube, yang pasti adalah selalu cari resep masakan dan kue. Sukanya di sama kokikutv. Selain itu lihat film Indonesia terbaru atau lihat film korea. Terakhirnya cari Channels buat belajar Bahasa Belanda.

    1. Oiya Youtube tuh salah satu media yang bagus juga ya buat belajar bahasa ya Den.. Hehehe sama dulu aku belajar bikin ayam kremes lewat Youtube pas di Inggris 🙂

  4. Sekarang sih ngikutin Cameo Project sama LDP. Kalau bosan ya browsing dengan keyword: Thailand Ads – video mereka bagus2. mengharu biru – yang Thailand yak.

    Penasaran sama yang Thought Cafe.

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