Dough Darlings

One of the things that me and my colleagues have in common is our love for food. Since I moved to this team of 9, I’ve had countless of culinary trips in between meetings or during lunchtime.. and we also like to order food to be eaten together during work πŸ˜€ Last Thursday, one of my friends discovered Dough DarlingsΒ on Instagram – an online bakery based in North Jakarta – and she quickly gathered some of us to order a dozen doughnuts together. Since not all of us are fond of doughnuts, only 6 decided to order it, hence each could get 2 kinds.

We went to their website to check their menu. They have a selection of flavours which looks very tempting, it felt like I want to buy them all! Really! Plus, their instagram feed is also as tempting. At first it was hard to decide.. but then I finally got a decision – I ordered 1 Red Velvet and 1 Nutella + Graham doughnuts. My friend organised the order to be delivered the next day – Friday.

With the help of Gojek, our order arrived safely at the office shortly after lunch, just in time for dessert. The packaging looks promising and I could not believe what I saw when I opened the box!


Dough Darlings

Don’t you think they look tempting?Look at how big it is.. almost as big as my face! Lol :)))))

Red Velvet Doughnut :))))
Red Velvet Doughnut :))))

So how did it taste like? I had to wait a little bit longer before I got to try it.. because one of my colleague/fellow blogger – Redo wanted to take a picture first. He’s a better food reviewer than I am and unlike me, he takes his pictures very seriously.. just look at this picture I took on candid while he was directing us how to pose with the doughnuts! hahahaha. (P.S check out his blog here)

LOL.. all for instagram :p

So yeah, after a while I finally got to try it. Verdict? It was really good!! I gave it 4.5 out of 5! It may not be that special if you compared it to doughnuts in the U.S, but it was the closest to U.S style doughnuts that you can get here in Jakarta. The dough were moist and fluffy, the toppings were delicious – I have to say I’m a satisfied consumer and will surely make a repeat order. Give it a try and let me know what you think! πŸ™‚

Dough Darlings

Phone:Β 081286869082
Line:Β doughdarlingsjkt
Open: 9AM – 5PM

45 thoughts on “Dough Darlings”

  1. And now you got me drooling and wanting to give this one a try. Aaakkk.. Ratjooen!! The very same thing happened when I read that croissant post. Haha.

    1. Huahahaha maafinnnn… Apa berubah haluan jadi food blogger nih? *apeu* pesen dan, cobain buat weekend dirumah. Tapi mending yg mini size aja, biar ga gigantisme gitu ukurannya.. Hehe

    1. Aku lebih suka ini Man, soalnya bukan #teamJco :p ini tuh donatnya “tebel” kalo jco kan cenderung “tipis” yah hehehe.. Wah kapan2 ke LA lagi aku selundupin Jco deh kalo gitu :p

      1. Kalo dari NYC maunya tukeran sama momofuku atau apapun dari dominique ansel… hahahaha *banyak mau* :p nanti dibawain jco nya 2 lusin deh! :p

      2. Ah gampang Momofuku maaah, sekarang udah bisa delivery dari Milk Bar. Cookiesnya itu loh, sungguh membahayakan, hihi. Eh Dominique Ansel aku belum nyoba malah. Ntar aaahh…

  2. Waktu itu udah ngiler liat ini, liat di ig seleb siapa gitu.. Tapi berhubung belum dapat temen buat order jadi ditahan2 dulu..huhu.. Mupeng πŸ˜€

  3. Looks yummyy dan besaaar πŸ˜€ gojek makes thing easier yaa kl lg pengen apa tgl mesen trs dianter i wishhh disini adaa hahaha πŸ˜›

  4. Ampun beneran hampir segede muka itu donatnyaaa :)))
    Btw temennya juga supportive banget ya, mau disuruh-suruh pose sebelom makan. Kalo saya jadi temennya kayaknya langsung dicaplok aja donatnya :p *temen macem apa*

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