Wanderlust: Wearable Silk Art

Allura is a Jakarta based brand emphasising on all things sweet and pretty. Their collection varies from adult headpieces, to baby headpieces, and now.. pretty scarves!

Just very recently, they launched a new collection of scarves.. but this one is out of the ordinary because it is a collaboration project between amazing talents – Allura x Diera Bachir x Talitha Maranila. The collection is called Wanderlust : Wearable Silk Art and it consists of three chapters; Pathless Sea, Revival, and Imago.

The collection is an interpretation of a mutual vision shared by the three collaborators, which is live to explore. Though “Wanderlust” can simply mean desire to travel, Wanderlust: Wearable Silk Art collection aims to give you an inspiration to embrace your desire to explore; be it traveling or even in your mundane routine. Started with a discussion of ideas, it was then brought to life by Talitha Maranila’s exquisite illustrations.

For the launch of this collection, the brand was supported by their friends – Bytha Novela and Astrid Satwika for Chapter one: Pathless Sea, Caca Tengker and Raisha Syarfuan for Chapter two: Revival, and Aurora Kalista and Marchella FP for Chapter three: Imago. Here’s a sneak peek of the pretty collection…

Chapter One – Pathless SeaΒ “Live for the long walks by the beach, the colors of the sky, and the places to be discovered”

The first out of three collections, Pathless Sea is an interpretation of a desire to discover. If you see it closely, the design resembles a patchwork – like globe surrounded by colors. That, according to the collaborators, is an invitation to see the world with a different perspective.

Chapter Two – Revival “Conquer the unknown, embrace your passion”

The second chapter – Revival, brings us the excitement of starting a journey. It aims to remind us to embrace our passion, and to not be afraid of facing challenges.Β  This pastel-themed design surely will be a perfect companion for your daily adventure!

Chapter Three – Imago “Make memories in different places, fill your life with different colors”

Last but not least is the final chapter – Imago. It represents the warmth of self-discovery.Β  The pretty design filled with warm colors is a portrayal of life full of colors. So pretty, isn’t it?

Now – which one is my favorite? I found it very hard to choose at first, all three collections are so captivating to me! But finally I made a choice.. and managed to bring it to my latest travel to Lombok two weeks ago.

Taken by @debucung at Merese Hill, Lombok
Taken by @debucung at Merese Hill, Lombok

What do you think? πŸ˜€
Oh and btw – this collection can be yours too, it’s currently open for pre-order until the 31st of October. Hurry up and go check out Allura’s website or instagram. Happy shopping! πŸ˜‰

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