Cheers to distance

It has been a while since I last shared stories about my long distance relationship. Well, after my trip to the US this year a lot has happened and it seems like time fly so fast, we did not even realise that we have passed our second anniversary last September! Yay us! πŸ™‚

With everything that has been happening, we don’t really have much time to do the usual things that LDR couples do. We don’t do surprises, don’t write letters, don’t do couples’ activities anymore – Β but still weΒ talk everyday! At first I was afraid that our relationship has became dull and we are sinking… but then I realised, this is just another phase in our relationship!Β He has become my best friend, whom I can talk to about anything.

There are times when I miss having the boyfriend’s presence. A lot. There are times that I feel tired of being separated. But there are also times when I found myself giggling happily during our conversation as if it was our first date – even though it was in the middle of the night. I mean, if a guy can still make you giggle like a teenager after all these years, that must mean something, right?

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So for now, cheers to distance. We know that it won’t be forever, so let’s enjoy it while it lasts, before we move on to our next chapters in life :’)

30 thoughts on “Cheers to distance”

    1. Hup hup! Hehehe duhh itu masi ribet bet masalahnya Jen, haahahaha belum ada yg bisa pindah ini dr kita berdua..:))))) jadi dibawa enjoy saja duluu hihi

      1. Emang udah jarang chris…tapi aku sempatin at least 1 postingan per minggu..kalau gak gitu bisa bablas malasnya…hihi kangen bw and nulis edisi cowo2 ganteng di film..ini dah gatel pengen komentarin spectre hahahaha #HailToDanielCraig

  1. I feel youuu jaman dl pas ldr an haha kerasa bgt apalagi kl pas k kondangan ga pny partner πŸ˜› but this too will pass!! Yesss it does mean something to have someone who can make you laugh and giggle πŸ˜„

  2. Glad to know people (including you!) can cherish, enjoy and maintain such a thing like LDR.
    My personal share, my past LDR didn’t work but I think it was just an experience I had to learn from before meeting the right guy and I met him now! We might face a LDR situation even though for a short time. Luckily, this time the commitment and the ground we set is steadier, I know him long enough to face the distance. I sincerely hope you will close your distance soon. Wish you all the best, Christa!!

    – E.

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