Ah, Justin!

Justin Bieber is back, and at first I did not care. I have to admit some of previous his songs are super catchy and very Karaoke-genic (Baby, anyone?), but none actually made me want to purchase his albums or even his singles.

His first single from the album Purpose, which is titled “Where are U now” is a collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo. It’s catchy, sounds very 2015 and of course, seems like it’s going to be a big hit. But I don’t like it. Then came another single, “What do you mean”. Still catchy, but not for me… I can’t relate to and I hate the repetitive lyrics! But then again, the song is so 2015, don’t you agree? almost every songs in today’s radio are like that.

Anyway recently I found that my friends on Path posted several new tracks from Bieber. Oh, so there are other songs from the album… I thought. I gave “Sorry” a try and found myself surprised! Is it just me, or does it has similar sounds like little bit like Friendly Fires’ Pala album? Yes? no?

After “Sorry”, I came across “Love Yourself” or Track 5 on the album. It was an instant love, and I have no shame in saying this out loud. The song is so chill yet groovy – is such genre exist? it is definitely the kind of song you can hear in a beach club, chillin’ with your drink. #noshame.

With the instant love, I decided to borrow *yes, borrow, not yet purchased* my colleague’s digital album and have been hearing it… all day at work today. again, #noshame.

So what do I think about the album?

Image from: http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop-shop/6730788/justin-bieber-ariana-grande-duet-purpose
Image from: http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop-shop/6730788/justin-bieber-ariana-grande-duet-purpose

Well to me it has some great tunes.. different from previous Bieber’s songs that I was aware of. Since his main target market is teenagers, there are still a lot of teen sounds and tunes like “No Pressure”, “No Sense”..  which sounds very today, with very simple and repetitive lyrics. Then there’s also some teen disco like “Children” and “Where are U now”. And of course, what is teenager life without some ballad, found in “Life is Worth Living” and “Purpose”.

But, the album also have some cool songs like “Get Used to Me”, “Company”, and “Been You” – which has some vintage disco tunes.. the ones that I can totally dance to! Last but not least.. it has a collaboration with Nas called “we are”. Since Nas previously collaborated with Jermaine Dupri, 2Pac, and Dr.Dre.. his collaboration with Bieber now must really mean something.

Will I buy the album? Yes!

Am I a belieber now? Haha not really.. but Justin, you really got me this time 😉

29 thoughts on “Ah, Justin!”

  1. Not a Bieber fans at all but I love his Love Yourself song and I cursed myself for it, just because I soo don’t like him at all!! Karma, I think!🙈🙈😜😜 at the moment it’s in my play list, together with Hello from Adele.

    1. Hahaha me tooo.. I used to “hate” him soalnya dia banyak gaya hahahaha.. Oh btw I will write a post about Adele, so excited that she’s back 🙂

  2. Well.. Bieber caught me off guard this time around. Even for his what do you mean. Not knowing who the singer was I caught myself sang it along. Hihihi.

  3. I’m not a Justin Bieber fans, but for this album, I love to listening his song!!
    and never comes to my mind that I am gonna love to listen to his songs mbak Christa 😆

  4. I’m the unBelieber, but thanks to Christa I’d give it a try. Especially, so I heard, that he turned into a bad boy/bad-ass lover in his clips 😉

  5. Not a Belieber but I too have to admit, his newest album is grown-up. The music critics are raving about it. Love the catchy tunes Christa. I have been working out with What do you mean since August.

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