Life in Bournemouth

This is the seventh post in the “Christa in the UK” series – stories from the year 2009 and 2010 during my time living, studying, working and traveling in a small beach town called Bournemouth in South West England.

To be honest the first time I heard about Bournemouth was the first time I came across Bournemouth University’s MA Advertising and Marketing Communications program. I was doing an extensive research about master programs and universities and instantly got interested to the program. But.. I have never heard of the town before. So before deciding to choose the uni and ended up going there to study, I did a little research on the small town.

My initial search landed me to a beach image. I was then sold instantly. It has always been in my dream to be able to live nearby the beach! (Well… Jakarta has Ancol beach but that’s totally different. It probably takes me over 1,5 hours from my house to Ancol!). Long story short.. I chose to enrol myself in Bournemouth University’s MA Advertising and Marketing Communications program and lived in Bournemouth for a year.

So, what is it like to live in Bournemouth as an international student? 

First, you are not alone.  Bournemouth – thanks to its geographic location (a beach town so it’s really pretty, not too cold… and is relatively close to London), is a popular destination for students. In fact, based on my observation, most of the town’s residents are students and the elderly! Besides Bournemouth University, Arts University Bournemouth, and some colleges, Bournemouth is also home to some language schools so there are a lot of international students coming not only from Europe but Asian countries as well. The abundance of international students means you get to enjoy a very diverse environment… in simple words it’s very fun! 

Russian Food Night at my friend's dorm! How cool was that? :D
Russian Food Night at my friend’s dorm! How cool was that? 😀

Second, your friends are from all over the world.  Perhaps it’s just how the UK attract people from everywhere. But still related to point number one, In Bournemouth you got to meet people from various countries. By various I don’t mean “only” famous countries like France, Thailand, Germany.. but also from lesser-known African countries and even the Caribbean! I never thought that I would be friends with someone from Trinidad and Tobago – because at first I did not know where it’s located! but I did, and we remain friends until now. My classmates are from around 15 nationalities and I also met other friends from work or other activities with different nationalities. The experience was so eye-opening and it helped shaping the person I am today.

Me and my friends :)
Me and my friends 🙂

Third, you can enjoy beach life. Yes, Bournemouth beach is one of UK’s top 10 beaches according to this source. But trust me it is really pretty. The beach is not too far from the University so if you want, you can spend some time relaxing at the beach after your classes. I used to go to the beach almost every day after I work on the city centre just to chill and enjoy the scenery. I only went home when it’s dark and it’s getting too cold :p It’s so nice and refreshing to live nearby the beach!

My amateur photo.. taken during one of my "chill-out" session at the beach
My amateur photo.. taken during one of my “chill-out” session at the beach

Fourth, without you realising, you became an outdoor person. Well, since Bournemouth is a small town, and as a student I did not have a car, I was forced spent a lot of time walking or taking public transportation. And because the bus system was not as established as London’s.. there were times when I had to walk to get to places. It was during my walks I got to enjoy my surroundings and learned to appreciate the little things. Oh, and it was during my stay in Bournemouth I went on my first ever trekking/hiking trip!

pathway to uni

Fifth, don’t be surprised if you find yourself alone in the streets… Yep, again I need to emphasize that Bournemouth is a small town. Most shops close at 6 every day and they close on Sundays. Coming from  Jakarta, I found it hard to adapt at first. I missed the city lights, the hustle and bustle of a big city. But after a while, I began to enjoy the serenity and got used to life in a small town. Life was much more simple to me, less stressful despite the heavy assignment and part-time work. I guess that’s just the beauty of living in a small town 🙂

Empy town centre. I remember this was taken at around 8pm! :o
Empy town centre. I remember this was taken at around 8pm! 😮

The list can go on but I decided to stop at #5 this time 🙂 So there you go, my take on what is it like to live in Bournemouth as an international student. Did you study abroad? what was it like? 🙂

27 thoughts on “Life in Bournemouth”

  1. Enak, dan tenang, pemandangan bagus, iklim mendukung, cocok banget ya Mbak buat lingkungan belajar :hehe. Ketimbang kota yang terlalu ramai dan gemerlap, kadang sumuk terus malah tidak belajar soalnya kebanyakan mainnya :haha. Tapi kalau begini, enak, ideal pula, pulang-pulang malah kangen banget kan dengan Bournemouth :hihi.

    1. Iyaa ideal banget menurut aku (bias hahahaha).. Dibanding bagian uk lainnya, bournemouth ngga terlalu dingin Gara.. Jd makanya banyak international students hehe

  2. I thought Bournemouth would be a bit like Scarborough but it looks much nicer! Never been but I do love the UK although not so much the weather haha. Best thing about studying abroad is definitely the friends making, especially when you have friends from all over the world (and plus this always means you get to try their food, which is the best part of course!)

  3. Selalu suka baca cerita2 tentang mahasiswa yang kuliah di luar negeri Christa. Menyenangkan. Maklum dulu cita2 kuliah di LN ga kesampaian, beasiswa ga lolos mulu 😆

    1. Amaann.. well ada sih daerah yang ngga aman karena banyak homeless mabok gitu, tapi itu jauh dari daerah kampus.. jadi kita ampir ngga pernah lewat situ hehe

  4. Tempat yang mengasyikkan. Dulu pernah mengincar kota ini untuk bersekolah lho. Tapi nasib menentukan lain…:) Suasananya Inggris banget…

  5. Tempat yang menyenangkan. Dulu pernah mengincar daerah ini lho untuk bersekolah. Namun nasib menentukan lain 🙂 Suasananya cocok untuk konsentrasi dan Inggris banget..

  6. lagi cari cerita-cerita kuliah di bournemouth karena tertarik pingin nerusin studi kesana dan nemu blog kakak, sukaa! selalu pingin sekolah di countryside UK :’)

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