Yes, December is here and I am super excited for this month because.. well, it’s my birthday month *blush*.

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Oh well.. since my birthday last year was rather unusual, I have high hopes for this year. That is, to not get sick! Really, getting sick on your birthday is not a good idea 😦

Anyway, I can surely tell you that this month is going to be special. Not only because of my birthday, but there will be some major changes which I will reveal sometime later in mid-December. It’s a big thing for me and I’m both anxious and excited at the same time! Wish me luck, will you? πŸ˜‰

I will also attend a best friend’s wedding on the 19th. I have witnessed their love grow since day 1 as the couple is my good friend from my student days in the UK. Speaking about friends from the UK.. another good friend of mine will visit me here in Jakarta! Soo excited as we haven’t seen each other since I left the UK for good in 2010. With another friend, the three of us will travel together to the… island of Gods. Yeay!! Anyway I haven’t been to Bali for ages, so I’m not sure where to take her when we’re there. Any recommendations? We’ll have 3 nights and when I asked her about the things she’d like to do.. she said she only wants to spend at least one full day at the beach. Now, which beach to go to?

I know some of my blogger friends are/planning to go on a holiday this month. But what about you? any travel plans this month? anything that you are excited about? Do share on the comments below!

Have a fantastic month, dear friends.

Be Merry, for December is the perfect month to celebrate our blessings and hard work this year! x

23 thoughts on “December!”

  1. Happy December Chris!

    The end of the month is going to be amazing due to the holiday but before that, it is half a month full of hard work! haha πŸ˜†

    1. Happy December to you too Ko! I still remember your holiday plan.. Is it still on? Must be exciting! Haha me too..full of hard work for the next two weeks!

      1. You’re welcome mba! Aku belum pernah ke Nyang Nyang tapi sudah ke Bluepoint and fall in love! Mau ke Nyang Nyang kalau ke Bali lagi. Haha.. Btw aku dapat recommend ke Down To Earth juga. Bukan pantai si tapi organic food resto gitu. Who knows mba mau kesana juga hehehe

      2. Ada di Ubud dan Seminyak. You can find in IG also, @downtoearthbali. Iya sepertinya menarik, haha.. Kalau kesampaian kesana, jangan bikin aku mupeng ya mba πŸ˜›

  2. Christa, how time flies! Aku ingat banget ultah kamu tahun kemaren lagi sakit kan? Karena pada saat itu aku sedang di Jakarta ngurus visa pindah di kedutaan Belanda. Wow, sudah akan satu tahun! Semoga December ini bawa kebahagiaan tersendiri buatmu ya Chris. Aku senang banget nih bulan Desember. Suasana Natal pertama dengan keluarga besar, beberapa rencana yang menyenangkan. Semoga berjalan lancar πŸ™‚

    1. Iyaa Deny bener deh time flies banget ya! Amiiinn semoga untuk kamu juga ya, kedengerannya seru Desember kamu. Suasana natalan di Eropa pasti khas dan karena ini Natal pertama dengan keluarga besar, pasti berkesan sekali. Happy December Den πŸ™‚

  3. Blue Point beach is nice Ta. Banyak si pantai di Bali ya, tapi tergantung mau apa di pantai; surfing, snorkelling, diving, or just walk along the beach and a little splash in water…
    I’m excited about December too, Christmas, Bali trip coming soon, and also another trip at the end of Dec 😍 By the way, kapan plan ke Balinya Ta? Kali aza kita amprokan😜

    1. Oke kayaknya aku bakal coba Blue Point, hehehe. Kita kayaknya mau berjemur dan main air aja Ria.. cocok ngga tuh ke Blue Point? Kepikiran juga mau ke Finns Beach Club. Reallyy kamu ke Bali juga? I’m going on Christmas day.. kamu kapan? hihihi

  4. Waaaah, kalo gitu jagalah kesehatan, Mbak. πŸ˜€ Setidaknya sampai akhir tahun ini. :mrgreen: Merayakan ultah pas lagi sakit emang gak ngenakin banget. 😦

    Dan soal Bali, saya ga tau apa2 soal destinasi wisata di sana.. hiks… πŸ˜₯

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