Wow, it has been 16 days since my last post! Even though I had a lot of things that I want to write, but I simply did not have the chance. So what happened during the past 16 days?

Changes happened.

I resigned from work and left the company that I have been working for the last 5 years. Whew. It was not an easy decision, in fact it was a very hard one, but in the end I decided to take another opportunity.

I (think) I successfully made a lot of people surprised, because I have been known as loyal to the company (and the brand, if you know what I mean..hehe). To this day I sometimes still don’t believe that I no longer work in that company.. but hey, sometimes one has to take a leap of faith!

So what made me decide to leave? Simple. I wanted new challenge. As much as I loved the company and everything related to it, I began to feel too comfortable there. Suddenly there’s this new opportunity and I think I had to take it. So yeah.

My last day, which was a week ago, was too emotional. I came early in the morning and put some little gifts to my colleagues’s desks in my team. Then I went to Starbucks for one last morning coffee run, only to find that they had new baristas for that morning shift. Bummer, I thought I would not be able to say goodbye to my regular baristas.

Not long after I came back to my desk, my colleagues came and brought me two balloons as you can see in the picture below.

My desk.. filled with presents from the colleagues ❀

Then everything happened like a flash of light.. finishing my hand-over, writing and sending the farewell emails, lunch with my team, reporting to the boss for the last time, and then I realised it was time for my appointment with a baker because I ordered donuts for the office. We decided to meet at Starbucks and while I was waiting for her, I saw one of my regular barista! I went inside Starbucks and casually told her that today was last my last.. and then she offered me a free drink. Look what she wrote me… how nice, isn’t it? Thank you Mba Nay! πŸ˜€

I am so going to miss my morning Starbucks routine!

After I finished with the “donuts project” (haha), and said goodbye to everybody that I could meet, I returned my laptop to the IT guys and had my exit interview with the HR manager. Boom! My day’s almost finished and it was time to pack up my stuffs and go. My team waited for me at our area and they gave me a farewell gift plus my favorite cakes from Union. We took lots of pictures and I suddenly could not hold back my tears.. even though I tried hard to. Lucky me I was distracted by the pictures-taking so I did not cry for long hehehe. Then that’s it. I finished everything, said goodbyes, and leave the office for the last time.

Before going home, IΒ stopped by at nearby Sheraton Gandaria to meet my ex-bosses because they were having a conference there and again, said goodbye. Guess who succeeded in holding her tears this time? Yay! no ugly cry even though it was almosssst out. Hahahaha.

So that’s how my last day at work went. Super emotional but I’m really thankful for everything that has happened during my tenure at the company… and of course the life-long friends I met!

As now, I have started working in another company.. which I will reveal maybe later on. It’s a totally different industry and although I’m still doing Account Management, it will be an exciting challenge (fingers crossed)!. It’s still my fourth day so I am still learning a lot. I haven’t even got a computer as the IT guys is still preparing it… so every day I spent my days talking to a lot of people from different departments to be able to understand how the business works. So yeah, please wish me luck and I shall be writing about my new work more in the future! Cheers! πŸ™‚

57 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. Hi Mba Christa. It’s really nice to read your post again. I feel you mba. You’ll be missed in your ex company but life goes on. When I decided to take another opportunity, my ex manager told me “there’s no comfort in the growth zone. Vice versa, there’s no growth in the comfort zone”. Good luck to you mba!

    1. Hi Wien, thank youuu yah! πŸ™‚ Iya nih kemarin ngga sempet banget ngeblog apalagi Bw huhuhuhu.Kata2 managermu bener banget Wien.. mari semangaaat hehehe πŸ™‚

  2. Glad to read this post and glad to hear that you’re okay. Congratulations on your new job! Well, people change, so do you, decisions should be made, and I think you’ll be doing just great in your new company. Farewell is an end for a new beginning. Good luck! Sukses selalu ya Mbak, para pembaca mendukungmu dari sini :hihi, tulisan tentang tempat barunya ditunggu!

  3. Hi Christa, congrats for ur new journey….pasti sedih banget ninggalin tmpt kerja yg udah 5 thn. Dulu pernah kerja di suatu tempat 3thn tp orangnya asik2 dan mewek ga kelar2 itu pas last day. Good luck ya Chris…

    1. Makasih Jo.. Iyaa aku sampe skrg masih kebayang2 yg dulu (duile susah move on ceritanya hahahaha).. Bakal tetap temenan siih inshallah sama temen2nya tapi tetep aja suasana kan beda yahh hehehe *kemudian galau* :)))))

  4. Christa, wah ikutan surprise baca update kamu. Selamat ya untuk tantangan baru ditempat lainnya. Sukses buatmu. Aku agak2 mewek Chris baca ceritamu. Langsung ingat tempat terakhir aku kerja. 6 tahun disana, sebelum memutuskan resign, cari tantangan baru didunia akademis. Sudah seperti keluarga kedua. Meniti karir dari bawah. Pas hari terakhir, mewek sejadi2nya pas acara makan malam perpisahan yang diadakan sama kantor. Dikasih hadiah buku satu kardus gede. Ah kangen mereka.

    1. Terima kasih yaa Deny! Huhu iyaa ini aku jg masih hangat sekali perasaan campur aduknya, seneng untuk perubahan dan tantangan baru tapi sedih dan kangen bgt yg lama.. Hehehe. Tapi untung ada sosmed jadi masi bisa keep in touch sama temen2 disana πŸ™‚ kamu lama jg ya 6 tahun, kebayangg bgt tuh Den rasanya. Masih pada keep in touch ngga sama temen2nya? πŸ™‚

      1. Awal2nya masih update berita masing2. Tapi pas aku ribet sama tesis, jadi jarang lagi. Tapi senangnya, kalau mereka lagi tugas ke Surabaya, selalu ngabarin dan ketemuan. Pas salah satu bosku ke Amsterdam, dia juga nyempet2in ngabarin meskipun ga bisa ketemuan.

  5. Aduuuh pasti sedih rasanya, yg bikin sedih biasanya si kebersamaan sama tim kalo kerjaan ya udah lah ya hahahaha…. Gud luck for your new journey ya Chi 😘

    1. Iyaaa bangeeettt kangen temen2 dan timnya ituu lhoo, kita dulu punya sebutan sorority karena setim 9 orang – 8 cewe dan 1 cowo hahaha. Yg cowo pasrah :))))) thanks Puji 😘

  6. Christa, congrats for the new job. Semoga sukses di tempat yang baru ya.

    Aku kemaren pas pindahan untungnya gak nangis. Tapi setahun sebelumnya sudah nangis Bombay karena ditinggal boss, the best boss that I’ve ever had. Saking emotionalnya kita berdua gak bidding Farewell cuma tangis2an.

    1. Terima kasih Ailtje πŸ™‚ ahhh boss tuh ngaruh banget ya! Kemarin berhasil nahan nangis waktu pamitan sama boss karena suasana nya lg ditengah2 conference, kalau itu di kubikelnya rasanya udh banjir hehehehe.

  7. Mbak Christa, aku jadi kebawa-bawa suasana harunya. Semoga sukses ya Mbak, di tempat kerja yang baru dengan lingkungan baru πŸ™‚ Ditunggu ceritanya πŸ™‚

  8. Hi, Christa…Good luck for your challenge(s)…BTW, I also want to get the opportunity to try a new challenge in job..And every time I been asked why do you want to resign from your job (That already about 10 years) and take this new one, I always answered “I want a new challenges”…But unfortunately, I still have no luck until today to try the new challenge πŸ˜€

  9. Kok gue jadi mellow sih. 😦 Entah mellow karena lonya cabut apa karena guenya yang masih di sini. HAHAHA.
    Karena lonya cabut kok.. Tapi yang satu juga sih. Dikit. Hahahaha. Ga deng becanda.. :p Becanda apa nggak yaa~ :p

    Good luck ya Mba Christa!

  10. Chris! good luck yaaa. kemarin aku sampe berkunjung ke blog mu untuk check apa aku yang gak liat atau emang kamu udah lama gak ngeblog :’D
    aku mellow gini bacanya :’|

  11. Wah resign setelah 5 tahun di sana? Pasti banyak pertimbangan ya, Mbak πŸ˜€ Tapi apapun itu pasti uda dipikirin mateng-mateng. Yang penting mah bahagiaaaaa πŸ˜€

  12. waaah ga nyangka postingnya tentang resign! Sukses dan bahagia di tempat barunya. Baca postingan ini bikin aku rindu rasanya resign juga. Ga krasa udah 5 taun lalu aku resign dari kantor lama πŸ˜€

  13. Chiii… Aku baru aja published a post yang isinya sama trus pas baca blogmu jadi deja vu rasanya hahahaha. Sama2 resigned dan dapet kerjaan baru, still in Account Management dan alesannya juga sama… karena mau cari new challenges. Hahahaha!

    Good luck di tempat yang baru ya! πŸ˜€

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