Belle and Sebastian at Coachella 2015

Belle and Sebastian are an indie pop band from Scotland from the 90s and I have been a fan for over 10+ years now. Their songs played a major part in my college days in the 2000s – an era where I spent so much time browsing for new music and listening to different kinds of them.

Obviously back then seeing them performing live seemed out of the question. They are an indie band, meaning not that many people would want to see them live compared to, let’s say, boybands or girlbands. Plus, they are from Scotland! So far away! *brb checking my earth map* I’m sure bringing them to perform here in Indonesia was not the most commercially profitable project for the concert promoters.

And then, like many 90s bands, they sort of went on hiatus. This sadly happened during the time I was in the UK (2009-2010), so I did not get to see them even when I was in the same continent! Trust me I tried to find their concert but the only available concert was held in a music festival so far away from Bournemouth and due to my status as a broke student,  I wasn’t able to go :(((((

The band finally had new album in late 2010 as I was already back in Indonesia, and they went on another hiatus (I assume). No big news of the band until I heard that they released a new album (!!!) in January this year. WOW. The internet went big on this and rumors were floating around that they were going to perform in Coachella! Imagine how I reacted to that!

Long story short Coachella 2015 lineup was announced and guess what… BELLE AND SEBASTIAN was on the list!!!!!! Now imagine again how I reacted to that!! :)))))

Belle and Sebastian

They played at the Outdoor Theatre shortly before sunset and around 30 minutes before I was already waiting in front of the stage. I wanted front row spots, of course :). I did get front row and was sooo close to the stage. At approximately 6:40PM they started their performance and I was over the moon! MY DREAM CAME TO REALITY!

Stuart Murdoch – The frontman

I was truly enjoying their show. They had an engaging performance – even Stuart Murdoch came forward to the stage’s gate and sang really close to us – the audience. It was surreal.

I was this close!!!

Then before I knew it, their show was about to end. Stuart was saying something which I did not really get because I was in awe, I could not believe (mind you I waited 10+ years for this!) the show’s ending without them playing “The Boy with the Arab Strap” which was one of my favorite songs. And suddenly.. I heard the song’s intro and Stuart’s voice – inviting the audience to join him and the band ON STAGE.

I froze for around 10 seconds before I realised that I HAD TO MAKE IT TO THE STAGE. My boyfriend was pushing me to go and I was immediately brought back to life. I quickly climbed the crowd control barricade and was on my way to the stage when I got stopped by the security because there were too many people on stage. I WAS 10 SECONDS TOO LATE :((((((((((((((((


Can you spot me? 😉

So there I was, with around 3 other people who were as late as I was – did not make it to the stage. We still danced just below the stage – passed barricade, like the above picture I got from my Instagram search from a lucky person who apparently made it to the stage :|. It was still a dream came true of course, but it would have been more perfect had I make it to the stage, righttttt?

Anyway the show ended, I felt that my knees were weak and I was shaking of excitement. I made my way out to find my boyfriend (whom I left in the crowd, hahaha), and I met another fan who apparently made it to the stage carrying the setlist. I told him I’m a fan too and believe it or not we hugged of excitement! I then took a picture of the setlist before we parted ways and I met my boyfriend.

The Setlist

So my dream came true and I finally got to see of my favorite bands! Ain’t life full of surprises? 🙂

13 thoughts on “Belle and Sebastian at Coachella 2015”

  1. Wow! Sounds epic. I’d love to attend Coachella someday:-) Amazing that you got to see them and yikes you’re so brave to have gotten all the way to the front! I’m afraid of crowds :O Happy holidays Christa!
    Here’s to more adventures in the new year ♥

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